Puma Golf Lookbook: Spring/Summer 2018

A classic, unquantifiable sports debate; who had a greater impact on the other’s career: Joe Montana or Jerry Rice? Tom Brady or Bill Belichick? Would one man’s achievement be as impressive if they were not linked to the other person?

At GT headquarters we have very similar, albeit significantly more important, philosophical discussions. Most recently, with Rickie Fowler’s win at the Hero World Challenge perfectly aligned with PUMA Golf’s Spring/Summer 2018 Collection release, it made us ponder, would Rickie have become the unrivaled golf style icon of the PGA Tour without PUMA? Could PUMA have become a leader in golf apparel innovation, design, and style without Rickie?

Evoknit Block Seamless Polo in Paradise Pink. ‘P’ Snapback Hat in Peacoat.

Despite countless hours of banter, many cups of really strong black coffee and even Greg’s insistence that applying the principles of Occam’s razor would solve this burning golf fashion question, we came to the conclusion that this is simply unanswerable. We did agree that PUMA Golf’s SS’18 lineup as worn by brand ambassador, Rickie Fowler, is awesome!

Botanic Polo in Electric Blue Lemonade. Ultralite Stretch Belt in Quarry.

PUMA Golf’s SS’18 Collection was largely inspired by fashion trends seen outside of the golf category. They once again combined on-trend looks and cutting edge performance to turn heads, whether golfers are in the bunker or at the bar. In order to do this PUMA has introduced some all-over-prints to their golf line. My favorite example is the PWRCOOL Botanic Polo.

Evoknit Block Seamless Polo in Electric Blue Lemonade.

PUMA also builds upon the highly breathable and seamless engineered Evoknit line. An additional polo offering has been added, the Evoknit Block Seamless Polo, as well as some layering pieces (the Evoknit Seamless 1/4 Zip Pullover is a standout).

Knit Shirt in Peacoat. Ultralite Stretch Belt in Peacoat.

Accessories may end up being their best sellers, though. The Ultralite Stretch Belt features a molded low profile buckle, combined with an elastic strap, a PUMA leather badge, and a leather tip for a cool, comfortable look on-and-off the course.

‘P’ Snapback Hats in Quarry, Electric Blue Lemonade, Vibrant Orange, Peacoat, and Bright White.

The cherry on top? PUMA’s new ‘P’ Snapback Cap that had the golf world buzzing at the Hero World Challenge as Rickie’s new go-to cap for the 2018 season. This slightly curved brim hat reflects Rickie’s maturity and is a more modern take on the classic snapback look. Bottomline, as you can see from the lookbook, the dynamic duo of PUMA Golf and Rickie Fowler are trendsetters and continue to transcend golf fashion.


  1. Puma is clearly a leader in style. The new belt is very sharp plus the P Snapback hat is sooo cool. Not sure which i like more the Botanic polo or the High Risk Red. Rickie seems to have clothes mold to him meaning his body shape is perfect for clothes laying perfectly on him. He ALWAYS looks good even with a white belt.

  2. Jim, thanks for commenting. It is nice to have responses and hear the opinion of fashion minded golfers! I love the PUMA knit golf shirt. Hoping Rickie wears it on tour in 2018.

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