Dell Technologies Championship Fashion Recap: Millennial Style

Two weeks into the 2017 FedEx Cup Playoffs and golf fans have been treated to two exciting finishes. This time, Justin Thomas continued his career season by outlasting Jordan Spieth to win the Dell Technologies Championship.

For this week’s recap, GolfThreads contributor Ian Galbraith turns his attention to what the hottest generation of golfers was wearing at TPC Boston. When it comes to fashion, the millennials are a mixed bag on the course. They wear everything from sporty to trendy to downright boring looks. Finding a style that makes them feel confident and complements their attitude is what sets Justin, Jordan, and Daniel apart from their peers. Whether you are barely out of college or have kids entering university, we can all learn a few style tips and tricks from the newest crop of stars.

Justin Thomas (Polo Ralph Lauren) – 24 Years Old

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Justin is setting himself apart from the other millennials through his excellent play and by fully embracing his own style. The wide array of clothes created by apparel sponsor, Ralph Lauren, has enabled him to effectively blend preppy and sporty styles. He does not shy away from wearing bright colors (see his pink pants at the US Open), or styles that harken back to the 1920s (see his tie and cardigan from The Open Championship).

His four looks this past weekend highlighted his diverse styles, from traditional on Friday and Monday to Saturday’s modern camo polo. I appreciate Justin’s approach. His signature look is traditional and classic, but every once in a while he sprinkles in fun prints and vibrant colors for some personality.

Rickie Fowler (Puma) – 28 Years Old

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Fowler is a regular on our Dimes lists, and rightfully so. Since turning pro, he has always been one of the most stylish on tour. What impresses me the most with Rickie’s style is how it has matured over the past couple of years. Gone are the head-to-toe orange outfits and ill fitting pants. Instead, he is sporting more refined, yet distinctive looks. For example, the pattern on Saturday’s blue polo made a strong statement without being over the top.

Puma’s outerwear for the fall is really impressive and definitely helped Rickie take his style game to the next level. Also, I liked the small, subtle changes to his headwear. The orange outlined logo on Saturday’s hat and the blue cap on Sunday were stylish accessories. Finding unique hats is an easy and inexpensive way to step up your style game. That being said, Jordan and Rickie must have lost a bet to somebody this week. There is no other explanation for the numerous white belts they wore in Boston.

Jordan Spieth (Under Armour) – 24 Years Old

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Jordan will never be nominated for best dressed on the PGA tour. His style is firmly planted in the “athletic” focused category as he wears the latest and greatest from Under Armour. His pants and polos are always well tailored and fit his frame perfectly. He stays in his lane, never varying very far from a classic polo and grey, blue, or white pants. The Jordan’s style epitomizes what most golfers his age and older are wearing on a regular basis. Whether you are hitting the course or the streets, a sporty polo and golf pants are versatile pieces to have in your wardrobe.

The outerwear is definitely the best aspect of Jordan’s attire and UA is able to highlight their technology in these pieces. As for the habitual white belt? Well, it is time to retire it from the rotation, Jordan.

Jon Rahm (Adidas Golf) – 22 Years Old

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Jon is the youngest member of this talented group and he has built an impressive resume in a little more than a year on Tour. Similar to Jordan, Rahm is in the “sporty” camp; going with a traditional Adidas polo and pants week in and week out. He looks like an athlete and dresses to match the part, but rarely does he wow us with his style. His best look of the week was Round 2, pairing a black and white patterned polo with grey slacks.

Kyle Stanley (Nike) – 29 Years Old

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Kyle is quietly putting together a solid 2017 season. He is comfortably positioned for a start at East Lake in a couple of weeks. His clothing game has not matched his on course performance, though. Kyle is amongst a growing trend of the younger guys failing to create a distinct and unique style. With so many golfers wearing the Swoosh, it can be challenging to separate yourself from the pack. However, there are a handful of golfers who utilize the large Nike closet to their advantage. Unfortunately, Kyle isn’t one of them. For example, his black monochromatic look on Sunday fell flat and lacked depth. It is a shame he is not more creative with what he wears.

Brooks Koepka (Nike) – 27 Years Old

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Brooks has taken a very different approach to his golf attire than his fellow Nike athlete mentioned above. The former Florida State Seminole has developed an individual style by combining Nike’s athletic fits with unique colors and patterns. I appreciate how Brooks confidently takes small chances with his attire and some days he is one of the best dressed on Tour.

Daniel Berger (Lacoste) – 24 Years Old

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Berger is a member of an impressive list of PGA Tour winners under the age of 25. Since becoming an ambassador of Lacoste, he has come into his own in terms of style. The wide array of polos and tops enable Berger to consistently dress in the latest patterns and trends. At the Dell Technologies Championship, his clothes fit well and he smartly mixed rugby striped tops with solid colored pants.


  1. I was at the Dell Technology Championship three of the four days (I sat out the rainy Sunday). On the practice green On Monday I noticed Jordan Spieth sporting some custom version of UA Tempo Hybrid shoes. They were grey and looked fantastic with his outfit–white belt not withstanding. Brooks Koepka is an impressive physical specimen and much like DJ makes his clothing choices look that much better. John Rahm could wear the same thing as Brooks and look like a slob. In fact I think Rahm needs to alter the fit of his clothes. He isn’t pulling off the “fitted” look. John should look to Ernie Els for tips on how to wear his clothes. I’ve said this many times on this blog; Rickie is maturing right in front of our eyes. He looks great week after week. As a result I imagine Puma golf is going to appeal to an broader fan base. Where it took some time for Rickie’s fashion to win me over, Justin Thomas had me at “hello”. Guy is making his mark and deserves to be in the conversation for best dressed.

    1. Glad to hear you made it out to TPC Boston for a few days and avoided the rain. Great analysis. JT has been on point since he set foot on the PGA Tour. His game caught up with his style this year. Puma has been refining its looks over the last few years to complement Rickie’s maturing game and style. It will be interesting to see how Rickie and Puma continue to evolve as he approaches the big 3-0. More than anything, I find Rahm’s outfits boring, especially for such a young and dynamic guy. Actually think he would be a better fit for the adiPure line that Justin Rose has been wearing. — Greg

  2. Rahm is kinda thick with a less muscular build and the overly fitted clothes don’t work well on him. Rickie is amazing in clothes but he has to lean away from the white belt. I love JT looks but at times the rlx stuff lays weird. Spieth and Gary although not bold to me always look sharp. Berger seems to be effortless in his style.

    1. Great stuff. I agree that Rahm would benefit from a more relaxed fit. Rickie’s only flaw is his white belts, but other than that he looks hip and sporty. Berger continues to impress. He is a great example of how to fuse classic looks with modern sport. –Greg

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