Asher Golf: Back and Better Than Ever

GolfThreads contributor Ian Galbraith takes a look at the return of Asher Golf.

The story of Asher Golf could have read, a cool company with an edgy skate influence, designs unique golf gloves, but quietly fades away before gaining traction and loyal following. The story, fortunately, has a happy ending or at least a happy middle. Time will only tell if this golf story will end like Tiger at Torrey Pines in 2008 or Spieth at the Masters in 2016.

Asher_coverAfter taking what the company describes as “time off to find ourselves,” Asher resurfaced late last year in the golfing accessory scene with the reintroduction of their unique gloves and tee shirts. The Utah-based company’s stylish, colorful and fun-loving vibe has been quickly embraced by golfers of all ages.

“Our goal is to bring awesomeness to golf,” Matt Smart, Managing Partner shared last week. “We started the company based on the inability for golfers to find anything other than white or black gloves.”

Matt is part of the new leadership team that is resurrecting Asher. The new team not only brought a renewed energy and focus to the company, they injected capital and brought a commitment to providing exciting accessories to golfers.

GT2Here at Golf Threads, we have been putting two Asher Gloves, the Premium and the Chuck, through the paces to understand just what Asher 2.0 is all about. The Premium glove is their high-end product and competes with other high-quality, full Cabretta leather gloves. Retailing for just north of $20, the Premium is offered in four unique patterns in right and left hands (currently a cadet model is not available). Also, the glove is not offered in women’s sizes, which is an opportunity for a progressive brand like Asher to explore in the future.

The Chuck glove is the company’s entry-level product, retailing for $12, and provides a combination of all-weather performance leather with Cabretta leather palm inserts. The Chuck is offered in nine colors and similar sizes as the Premium. Ladies sizes are available in the Chuck.

According to Matt, the Asher team spent months selecting leathers and prototyping different options to ensure top-notch quality. With both products, you can quickly feel and see the time and attention to detail that goes into each product.

“Our two main pillars of success are, and always will be, the fit and quality of our materials,” Matt said. “I spent weeks sourcing high-quality leather in Indonesia for our gloves.”

Initially, I was skeptical of the quality and durability of Asher’s products. I am a traditionalist when it comes to gloves, and like most of you, I have my favorite that fits perfectly and embraces my hand like a baby in a warm blanket. I am happy to report, after multiple sessions, I am a convert to the Asher gloves. After initially being slightly too tight, the leather has expanded well and provides a great fit. I was impressed by how the leather has softened with use and continues to offer good grip after multiple sessions. I would highly recommend the Premium to any golfer looking for a premium quality glove. The touch of color is a bonus at no extra cost.

However, the glove is not perfect. The Velcro and tab are a bit heavy and loud, reminding me of batting gloves I used to wear as a kid in YMCA baseball. You are definitely not taking this glove off during your playing partner’s back swing. The heavy Velcro creates a secure and strong fit, but it does seem to be overkill for a buttery soft leather golf glove, like this one.

Overall, I rate this glove an 8 out of 10.

asher_chuck.jpgThe Chuck glove was easily as impressive as its higher-end counterpart or maybe more so, but for other reasons. In full disclosure, I do not wear many non-full leather gloves, but maybe I should start and save $10-$15 per glove. Immediately upon sliding the glove on, you notice the slight stretch to the leather. The fit is secure without being restricting and even though it doesn’t possess the same quality as the Premium glove; the leather is soft and supple. The Chuck comes in colors ranging from neon yellow to purple and orange. The Velcro and tab issue is less of a concern for this $12 glove.

With this entry-level glove offered at a very affordable price, Asher is doing their part to change the perception of the game for the better. I would recommend the Chuck to any beginner or young golfer as their go-to glove, and would even say experienced golfers should give this product a try.

Overall, I rate this glove a solid 9 out of 10.

The third glove in the company’s collection is for the adventurous golfer. Called the Deathgrip, it is imprinted with the bones of your hand on the top of the glove. Coming in white with black bones or black with white bones, this glove is constructed from a proprietary CoolTech Performance Leather. Although the pattern will not be alluring to many traditionalists, I expect golfers who want to add some edge to their wardrobe will enjoy the Deathgrip.

At the time of renewal, Asher also introduced high-quality tee shirts retailing for $24. In a world of $50 t-shirts, it is nice to see a company sell a product where you can afford more than one without feeling like you were just robbed of your money and sanity. Golf themed t-shirts are nothing new and the world could probably use fewer quirky golf sayings, but nonetheless, the material of the Asher shirts is soft and they fit nicely. Next time I need to wear a t-shirt, which in Northern California could be never, I would wear one of the Asher shirts.

Asher_tshirtsLike any small accessory company, growth will only come from a larger product portfolio and additional revenue sources. To avoid the fate experienced during the company’s first iteration, though, the current leadership is focused on providing great products with good value, and not expanding too quickly. Asher fans can be reassured their core product will always be gloves. Later this summer, they expect to introduce hats, polos, and outerwear. If the brand stays on their same trajectory, these pieces will be interesting to check out and worth a consideration for any golfer.

“Our goal is to be an alternate accessory company for golfers. We want to be the Stance golf socks model to the world of gloves,” Matt shared. “Our goal is not to be a full accessory company.”

GTCurrently, Asher’s website is the main source for the innovative and colorful gloves and t-shirts. They have plans to expand into traditional golf stores and pro shops later this year. This expansion means more golfers will be able to experience this new company and hopefully put a little color into their white and black golf glove rotation. The website will be the home for exclusive glove designs and other company specials, so stay tuned.

Increased brand recognition and exposure are crucial components in order for the young company to gain traction in an over-crowded golf accessory market. The colorful, eye-catching patterns separate Asher from many of their competitors. Gaining new customers and converting golf traditionalists is no easy feat for new brands, but thanks to excellent products, strong customer service, and unmatched value, Asher will be undoubtedly be working its way into die-hard golfers’ wardrobes this summer.

I would recommend golfers of any ability and age to try the Asher golf gloves as an alternative to the typical white palm saver. The gloves provide a good value and will be sure to be a conversation starter on the first tee.


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