The 41st Ryder Cup will go down as the most stylish in recent memory. Were there some missteps along the way? Of course (white see through pants for the U.S. and the blasé brown and gray setup from the Europeans on Saturday), but both teams looked great throughout the week.

The Europeans (outfitted by Loro Piana) put an emphasis on clean looks, luxurious fabrics, and pinpoint tailoring. The subtle textures on the Europeans’ trousers added depth and dimension to their looks. On the other side, the Americans’ kits (by Ralph Lauren) captured the essence of modern American sport with a patriotic palette, stripes, and bold color blocking. Best of all, neither team wore white belts. Bravo!

Shoe Games
The uniforms didn’t give players many opportunities for personal expression, so several players turned to custom or limited edition kicks for a bit of fun and team spirit.

Jimmy Walker
By now you know that I’m a sucker for classic brogues and spectator shoes, so it is no surprise that JW gets my award for Best Shoes of the Week. These white and navy shield tips from FootJoy worked well with every U.S. uniform and added a touch of sophistication to the otherwise sporty looks.

Zach Johnson
I’m not a huge fan of saddle shoes (unless they are all white), but these white and red FootJoy’s had a bit more personality compared to the white and black colorway that Johnson typically wears.

Rory McIlroy
Rory is no stranger to rockin’ custom Lunars, and the folks at Nike hooked him up with not one, but two pairs of fresh kicks. Both were cool bespoke designs, but neither seemed to coordinate with the European uniforms very well. The azure and yellow felt a bit off with the navy blues and grays that the Euros were wearing. COME ON! I CAN’T HEAR YOU!

Brooks Koepka
Koepka joined Rory with the custom Lunars, but he took a more subdued approach with this red and white colorway. My biggest issue with Koepka’s outfits had nothing to do with his shoes, and everything to do with the 2” v in the bottom of his trousers. If your pants need that deep of a v-notch, then they are too long.

Rickie Fowler
You knew Rickie and Puma wouldn’t miss the opportunity to showcase the hi-tops on a massive stage and this patent leather red and white colorway was just bold enough to be eye-catching without being over the top.

Dustin Johnson
DJ didn’t make the trip to Rio for the Olympics, so Hazeltine gave him an opportunity to break out these red, white and blue Adidas TOUR360 BOOST shoes, which nicely complemented all of the U.S. kits.

European Team Eyewear
From the opening ceremonies to the final match day, the Europeans outclassed the U.S. with the sunglasses. The classic, yet modern Persol (I think) shades were a smart choice with the formal attire, and the Oakleys in team colors were perfect on the course.

Update: Thanks to Twitter follower @Ben_Buj and reader Ryan for pointing out that the European Team sported Tom Ford sunglasses, not Persol. GolfThreads’ followers and readers are always on top of things. Thanks for the correction, guys. 👍

U.S. Team Eyewear
The Americans were left to their own devices when it came to sunglasses, and let’s just say that it didn’t go well. Guys, whether you are heading to a wedding, the opening ceremonies of the Ryder Cup, or another formal event, wrap-around shades don’t work with a suit. Some modern aviators or wayfarers would have been a much better choice.

Tiger Woods’ Eyewear
Of all the epic fashion fails that Tiger has given us over the years, this ranks right up there with the acid wash dad jeans and white belt. T-Dub looked like he was more likely to play center field for the Twins than to step out to a formal event. Dude, you could have worn any pair of sunglasses and you chose those???

European Knitwear
When Loro Piana is your uniform supplier, you know you are going to get some sweet jumpers. From the ¼-zips and v-necks to the cardigans and vests, the Europeans’ knitwear game was on point all week.

Embed from Getty Images

Rory’s Cardigan
Speaking of which, I sure hope someone in Beaverton, OR was checking out how well Rory wore this cardigan during Thursday’s practice session. Someone just needs to tell him to unbutton the bottom button next time.

U.S. Layers
The Americans haven’t been known for their knitwear over the years, but they really stepped up their sweater game this year. Saturday’s ¼-zip with the chunky buttons had high-fashion appeal and Friday’s crewneck with the stripe and stars on the right sleeve looked sharp.

White Pants for the U.S.
No, the white pants after Labor Day didn’t offend me, but the problem with white pants is that they tend to be see through.  This wasn’t the behind the scenes access that we were looking for. Maybe a liner and flesh colored pockets next time?

Rickie’s Long Capris
I usually give players grief about their pants being too long, but Rickie had the opposite problem going on. I’m all for pants with a short break, but these are hemmed in no man’s land.

Europe’s Washed Out Saturday
Was it brown? Grey? Both? I’m not sure what color the European’s sported on Saturday, but it should have been called Boring Blah. The lads’ looked washed out and their play in the afternoon was just as lackluster as their uniforms.

Danny Willett’s Base Layer
Willett showed us the right way to wear a base layer under a polo. Eliminate contrast by matching the base layer to the shirt and keep everything slim, especially the sleeves.


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