Druh Drops New Belts for Fall

When I heard that Druh Belts was releasing new straps and buckles for fall, I was psyched. When a few of them showed up here at GolfThreads headquarters, though, it called for an all out celebration. Not any celebration, either. I’m talking a Billy “White Shoes” Johnson ‘Funky Chicken’ end zone celebration.

If you follow GolfThreads on Instagram or Twitter, you know that Druh’s belts have been among my favorite ways to accessorize my waistline over the last couple of years. The width is perfect for modern fashion trends and they are available in a full spectrum of colors.

Druh Belts iconic Infill Buckle.
Druh Belts iconic Infill Buckle.

Druh’s belts are also highly versatile and customizable. Not only are the straps and buckles interchangeable, but depending on your buckle selection, you can go bold or take a more understated approach. With Druh’s online belt design tool, it is easy to create the perfect strap/buckle combo to fit your style. And, since Druh’s belts follow the trim-to-fit model, you are virtually guaranteed of getting a custom fit. I also like that Druh has printed measurements on the underside of the strap, so there is no need to go searching through the garage for that elusive tape measure. Just remember, measure twice, cut once.

Druh has always had an extensive range of belts and buckles in a variety of materials. At last count, the number of buckles topped more than 50 different options, and the number of straps (everything from full grain leathers to exotic skins, like snakeskin, ostrich, croc and lizard) was north of 150.

Druh Belts Stingray Strap with Double Infill Buckle.
Druh Belts Stingray Strap with Double Infill Buckle.

For fall, Druh has stepped up its game by adding an eye-catching stingray model to its already killer mix of exotic straps. If the stingray isn’t Druh’s showcase strap of the season, I’m declaring it as such right now. It is an absolute head turner. The first time I wore it, no less than three people stopped me in the clubhouse to ask about it, and that was before members of my foursome laid eyes on it on the first tee. The detail on this belt is incredible, and the pebbled texture is a great way to add some interest to a pair of flat black or grey pants. The luxurious nature of this stingray strap begs to be paired with classic looking trousers and it even works nicely with well-tailored technical pants.

Druh Belts Suede Strap.

Joining the stingray model, is a new range of suede straps. Suede is a quintessential material for fall, as it possesses a heavier look and feel compared to the leather and webbed styles that dominated the fairways in the spring and summer. We are accustomed to seeing suede used in everything from shoes to jackets in the off-course world, and it is a welcomed addition to Druh’s line-up for the season. Suede also offers a more casual and understated look than leathers and exotics, allowing it to feed nicely into the new ‘effortless style’ trend that is taking over the fairways. Druh’s range of suede belts pair particularly well with twill pants and technical chinos in similar colors. As I’ve discussed many times, matching the color of your belt to your pants creates a clean and seamless look from head to toe and it helps to minimize your waistline.

Druh Belts Double Infill Buckle.
Druh Belts Double Infill Buckle.

When you think of Druh Belts, the brand’s iconic Infill buckles with the predominant ‘db’ logo likely come to mind. Druh has put a bold and contemporary spin on its icon with the introduction of its Double Infill buckles. The classic square shape and the vibrant enamel color palette of the Double Infill buckle has made it a favorite among Tour Players, like Lee Westwood.

Microprints have been trending in menswear and they are set to become the next big thing in golf fashion. Druh finds itself ahead of the style curve with its Repeat buckle that features the brand’s ‘db’ logo stamped in a micro print design all over the front of the buckle. If you are a fan of Druh, then this pattern may look familiar to you. The brand has used this pattern on the back of its buckles for years and has wisely made it front and center for fall. What I like about this buckle is that it is a bit understated compared to Druh’s Infill and Double Infill styles, making it appropriate for on- and off-course settings. The subtle pattern, however, provides an element of interest and intrigue that makes it anything but boring.

To check out the latest styles from Druh, head over to DruhBeltsandBuckles.com.

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