Out of the Blue: Morgan Hoffmann’s PGA Championship Apparel Script

Charlie Schaefer, the founder and creative director at start-up label Greyson, approaches every major championship as if it is a fashion show. He researches and pulls inspiration from the history and location of the venue. This was evident in the scripts he put together for Morgan Hoffmann at the Masters, U.S. Open and Open Championship, and it is clear once again with Hoffmann’s PGA Championship script.

Morgan Hoffmann 2015 PGA Championship Apparel Script
Morgan Hoffmann 2015 PGA Championship Apparel Script

At Whistling Straits, Hoffmann will sport a predominately blue color palette that was inspired by the Whistling blues at The Straits of Lake Michigan. He tees it up on Thursday with bold navy and white stripes that are anchored by vibrant blue pants. Friday sees Hoffmann in an intricate floral print with wolf heads and teeth mixed in with plants. The three color striped polo on Saturday is underrated, but smart. Greyson’s signature wolf theme makes an appearance again Sunday through a micro paw print that puts a branded twist on one of the biggest trends in menswear.

One of the subtle aspects of Morgan Hoffmann’s script that I really like is how Charlie Schaefer shifts your focus from day to day with bold tops on Thursday and Saturday and daring pants the other two days. Schaefer is like a great Major League pitcher who works the inside of the plate on one pitch and then goes outside with the next one. This prevents the script from becoming stale and predictable over the four days.

The Greyson hype machine continues to churn away here at GolfThreads and Morgan Hoffmann’s PGA Championship script adds fuel to it. I really can’t wait for the brand’s debut collection to be launched in Spring 2016. Stay tuned.

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