Morgan Hoffmann, Greyson Bring Wow Factor to U.S. Open

After receiving a series of what seemed to be half-hearted U.S. Open scripts, I was starting to get a bit depressed about the state of major championship apparel scripting.

Then, Morgan Hoffmann’s line-up from Greyson arrived in my inbox. Finally! This is what I’ve been looking for. Something interesting. Something inspiring. Something major championship worthy!

Morgan Hoffmann Greyson US Open
Following up his eye-catching script from the Masters, Morgan Hoffmann will tee it up at Chambers Bay in a classic black and white color palette that is anything but traditional. In fact, Hoffmann’s script is as unique and bold as Chambers Bay, itself.

Hoffmann will make a strong statement right out of the blocks on Thursday with a pair of white leopard print trousers that will surely receive a few double-takes from USGA traditionalists in blue blazers. The second round will see Hoffmann taking a slightly more subtle approach, as Hoffmann is expected to sport a pair of micro floral print pants. This isn’t your typical floral print, either. Embedded amongst the flowers are wolves, teeth and birds.

After two days of heading-turning prints, Saturday’s all-black monochromatic kit is a bit of a curve ball, or maybe a hard slider. Either way it creates a powerful look for Moving Day. Completing his script is an intricate greyscale camo print with orange wolves hiding within the classic camo shapes.

Here’s a closer look at the three prints. Can spot the wolves, teeth and flowers in the patterns?

Thursday: White Leopard Print
Thursday: White Leopard Print
Friday: Tonal Micro Floral Print with Wolves, Teeth and Birds
Friday: Tonal Micro Floral Print with Wolves, Teeth and Birds
Sunday: Greyscale Camo with Hidden Orange Wolves
Sunday: Greyscale Camo with Hidden Orange Wolves

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Greyson, here’s a bit of background about the new company. Hoffmann, who earned a spot on GolfThreads’ 2014 Best-Dressed List, announced just prior to the Masters, that he started Greyson with former Ralph Lauren designer, Charlie Schaefer. Unfortunately, none of us can get our hands on Hoffmann’s gear at this point. It is all custom made for him, but don’t fret. Greyson is scheduled to release its first collection in spring 2016. The line starts behind me. Stay tuned for updates.


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