Antigua Desert Dry Performance Cotton Polos: The Best of Both Worlds

Since the introduction of technical fabrics to the game of golf, the debate has raged on. Polyester vs. cotton. Synthetic vs. natural. Modern performance vs. classic good looks. Similar to that great chocolate vs. peanut butter debate, there is no shortage of passionate opinions on either side.


As a golf fashion blogger, I find myself conflicted between the two worlds. Like those cartoons where a miniature devil and angel sit on opposite shoulders extolling the virtues of both sides, I have a couple of imaginary figures whispering in my ear as I get dressed to hit the links. (Depending on which side of the fence you are on, I’ll let you decide whether the devil is clad in red moisture-wicking fabric and the angel is wrapped in a natural cloth, or vice versa.) While these pesky voices in my head (or on my shoulders) may explain my inconsistent iron game, they haven’t helped me to reach a verdict in this debate.

At this point, you may think that I’ve looked at one too many Masters apparel scripts and gone off the sartorial deep end. Sure, you can close your browser thinking that I need a long vacation away from plaid pants and color blocked polos, but if you do, you’ll miss reading about how Antigua has silenced those two characters on my shoulders.


Much like a certain candy company, which slammed those two great tastes that go great together into a chocolate peanut butter cup, Antigua has literally fused the best aspects of technical and natural fabrics together to create its revolutionary Desert Dry Performance Cotton (D2PC).

There is no doubt that cotton possesses a soft hand, and offers a natural texture and cool look that easily transitions from the course to life. What many people don’t realize is that it is also breathable and absorbs moisture much like the high-tech polyesters. Where it falls short, though, is in its ability to quickly transport that moisture across its knitted fabrics. The result is that wet, sticky feeling you get when wearing cotton after a few holes in warm, humid temperatures.

To combat this, Antigua has taken synthetic micro-filament yarns that quickly transport moisture away from the skin, and blended them with luxurious cotton fibers to engineer Desert Dry Performance Cotton. D2PC combines the moisture-wicking features of the brand’s proprietary Desert Dry moisture management technology with the natural fibers of cotton, to create a high performance blend that offers the best of both worlds.

High Tech Performance, Natural Good Looks


I recently picked a warm spring day to hit the course in one of Antigua’s Desert Dry Performance Cotton polos. The combination of the mercury hitting 80 degrees and a heated match that wasn’t decided until the final putt dropped provided the perfect climate to see how this hybrid fabric performed.

So, did it live up to its billing? Heck, yeah! The best compliment I can give the D2PC polo is that I totally forgot I was wearing it. No sticky, sweaty fabric. No restricted range of motion. No tugs on the left sleeve. The shirt was as dry and comfortable on the 18th green as it was when I put it on that morning.

Classic Style


As you would expect, Antigua’s range of Desert Dry Performance Cotton polos won’t offend your fashion sensibilities with day-glow colors, aggressive patterns and wacky prints. Instead, the practical solids and contemporary engineer stripes support its iconic cotton DNA. The classic style offers an effortless look and the casual comfort you would expect from a cotton polo. You can easily pair these with modern, flat-front chinos and no one will know whether you are hitting the links, the office or the pub. This makes those pre- and post-work rounds and lunchtime driving range sessions even more doable. The boss will never expect a thing! If you are the boss, the addition of a well-tailored cotton blazer will allow you to easily move into business mode.

Contemporary Fit
I have to admit, I’ve had this preconceived notion that Antigua polos would have a full, boxy fit. I thought twice about ordering my typical size and not sizing down. I was pleasantly surprised, though, when I slipped on Desert Dry Performance Cotton polos for the first time and the size was perfect. Those of you who follow GolfThreads know that I favor a slim European fit. As a matter of personal preference, I think the sleeves on the D2PC polos could be a bit shorter and the fit through the body could be a bit trimmer, but at the same time I realize that the fit Antigua has achieved on these polos will appeal to a wide range of golfers. It is not too slim, yet not too boxy. I would classify it as a contemporary, regular fit that offers a clean aesthetic.

Green Grass Merchandising Story


In a golf apparel world that is split between tech and cotton, Antigua’s Desert Dry Performance Cotton range serves as an oasis for green grass merchandisers by presenting a new merchandising opportunity — the reinvention of cotton into performance golf apparel. This new range of polos also offers a happy medium on several different levels. It will meet the sartorial demands of the fashion conscious golfer who also demands top shelf performance and allows the busy player effortless movement throughout daily activities without sacrificing style or performance. The Desert Dry Performance Cotton range of polos also provides an affordable option for country club, resort and muni shoppers alike.

In the crowded and highly competitive golf apparel market, Antigua has found a home in pro shops for more than 35 years. Thanks to quality products, a strong green grass focus and breakthrough fabrics, Antigua continues to appeal to merchandisers and players. Its new Desert Dry Performance Cotton solves one of the great quandaries faced by golfers today — style or performance — while also giving golfers the ability to comfortably transition from on-course to off-course settings.

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