Jamie Donaldson’s 2015 Masters Apparel Script — Maybe

Jamie Donaldson is known for his sartorial improvisation, so it is with a little trepidation that I present to you his 2015 Masters apparel script.

Donaldson Masters
Whether Donaldson works off-script or stays the course, a couple of things are known. First, just by the simple fact that he is slipping on J.Lindeberg, I know he’ll be on point. Second, he’ll be the best dressed guy in his grouping with Tiger Woods and Jimmy Walker the first two rounds — guaranteed. (Nothing against J-Dub, but I don’t think anyone could make those FootJoy shirts look good.)

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Anyway, what really grabbed my attention about Jamie Donaldson’s script are the unique color stories and the mix of classic, ultra-modern and athletic styles. Unlike other brands, that have scripted players in the same shirts or colors for four days, J.Lindeberg has scripted Donaldson in a way that showcases the breadth of colors and styles in its SS’15 Collection. Also, take note of the well-balanced colors. This is how you do color!

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Here is a list of the pieces in Jamie Donaldson’s script. As always, the best place to pick up J.Lindeberg gear is at Trendygolf or Fairway Styles.

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Tour Tech TX Jersey (White)
Kian Tour Knitwear (Plum)
Ellott Pants (Blue)
Slater Belt (White)

Frederick Jersey (Steel)
Noel True Merino (Light Grey)
Ellott Pants (Navy)
Slater Belt (White)

Chriss Slim Lux (Green)
Kian Tour (Clear Blue)
Ellott Pants (Green)
Slater Belt (Indigo Washed)

KV Jersey (White)
Kian Tour (Black)
Ellott Pants (Black)
Slater Belt (Black)

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