KENTWOOL Socks: Your Feet Will Thank You

Socks are like NFL offensive lineman. If you don’t notice them, then they are doing their job. Now, if there was an All-Pro team for socks in the game of golf, KENTWOOL socks would be a perennial Pro Bowler.

I have to admit, though, I chuckled the first time I heard about KENTWOOL socks. Wool socks in the summer? Won’t your feet be a swampy mess?


It turns out the joke was on me and KENTWOOL had the last laugh. Since launching in 2007, countless Tour players including Bubba Watson and Matt Kuchar, have slipped on KENTWOOL socks prior to every round. I would say the brand’s socks have a cult following, but that would actually sell their popularity short.

What makes KENTWOOL socks so awesome is that they are fabricated from merino wool. Merino wool is nature’s high performance fabric. It breathes exceptionally well, helps to regulate body temperature and pulls moisture away from your skin. Basically, it keeps your feet warm for those winter rounds, cool in the summer and helps prevent blisters. Not to mention, it helps to keep your feet from smelling like feet.


The latest edition to the KENTWOOL family is the KW Series. For the KW Series KENTWOOL has blended bamboo fibers with merino wool. The result is a lighter, thinner and stronger sock that performs as well as, or even better than previous series of KENTWOOL socks.

There are two different models of socks in KENTWOOL’s KW Series, the KW Sport and the KW Pro Light. Choosing one over the other is the equivalent of choosing between two Ferraris, but here is a little help.

KENTWOOL KW Sport Low Profile
KENTWOOL KW Sport Low Profile

The KW Sports are thinner than the original Tour socks from KENTWOOL, but thicker than the KW Pro Lights. The KW Pro Lights are the thinnest socks KENTWOOL has produced. If you prefer a slightly thicker sock, then start with the KW Sport. If you are transitioning to KENTWOOL from a lightweight athletic sock, then give the KW Pro Lights a try.

The weight, thickness and performance qualities are why I keep reaching for the KW Series socks as I head out to the course. As a feel player, I have always fancied thinner socks. On full swings I feel a better connection to the ground and when putting I feel more in tune with the contours of the green. Needless to say, the KW Series is right up my alley.

IMG_2937I recently wore the KW Sports for a round at TPC Sawgrass where the mercury topped out at 95 degrees and the humidity had to be in the same neighborhood. I went through three gloves during the round, but like a great NFL lineman, I totally forgot about the socks. There probably isn’t a better test of performance than that.

Sure, you will need to plunk down a few more George Washingtons compared to the generic bag of six pairs of cotton socks from the local big box store, but aren’t your feet worth it? They take a pounding everyday. They bare the force of every step you take, not to mention all those sidehill, downhill and uphill lies on the course. Nothing can ruin a great round of golf like limping through the back nine with blister problems.

KENTWOOL KW Sport (top) and 19th Hole Collection (bottom)
KENTWOOL KW Series (top) and 19th Hole Collection (bottom)

Check out the KENTWOOL KW Series on the brand’s website. You will also likely find them in your local green grass shop. While you are there, look for KENTWOOL’s 19th Hole Collection. They look as good on the course as they do in the cube and in the pub. Socks are the hot accessory in menswear. If you haven’t upped your sock game, now is the time to do it.

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