Mission Belt: A Mission Beyond Style

Mission Belt recently launched its new Summer Collection filled with bright colors that will add a definite pop to your look.

20140804-161944-58784755.jpgThere really couldn’t be a better time for the brand to introduce this new line as one of the hottest trends on the fairways is colored belts. By now you know my feelings on white belts, but colored belts are a totally different story.

That being said, I recently picked up one of Mission Belt’s aptly-named Froghair green belts that is part of the brand’s new Summer Collection. As Mission Belt points out on its website, no frogs were harmed in creating this vibrant green belt, which is always a bonus, and it also filled a void in my collection of colored belts. Besides, green and gray are the colors of my alma mater, so it is always good to show some love for Greyhound Nation while looking like all those PGA Tour players who wear school colors on Sundays.

20140804-162008-58808080.jpgI’m sure many of you recognize Mission Belt from the reality TV show, Shark Tank. For those of you who are like me and turn on the TV to escape reality, Mission Belt is probably new to you. The Froghair belt was my first introduction to Mission Belt, but after wearing it for a few weeks, it is clear that the brand has a winning product and an even greater mission.

FUBU clothing brand founder Daymond John was so impressed with the brand that he invested $50,00 in it on Shark Tank. While I don’t have $50k to invest, I do have a list of nine things that I really like about Mission Belt.

  1. The straps are all leather with a synthetic coating. Mission Belt claims they will last forever, which is a really long time by my watch. However, Jeane Dixon predicts that ‘forever’ ends in 2020, so at the very least, you’ll get to rock your Mission Belt for about 6 years.
  2. 20140804-161923-58763624.jpgYour belt buckle doesn’t have to double as a salad plate any longer. Thinner belts with understated buckles are in these days and Mission Belt buckles are certainly on-trend at a very svelte 40mm. Mission Belt also offers a 35mm width in case the 40mm is too hefty for you.
  3. Belts from Mission Belt have no holes. I’ve chronicled the advantages of no-hole belts in the past (no stretched-out straps, no wear marks, no saggy buckles, easier inventory management for green grass shops, fool-proof sizing, etc.).
  4. ownersmanualbackv.6-12-11-13You can customize a Mission Belt to your exact size by trimming it to your desired length. Of course, this comes with a word of caution. As my dad always says, “Measure twice, cut once.” One ill-fated snip and your younger brother or child inherits a cool new belt.
  5. The ratcheting system adjusts at 1/4” increments, which allows you to customize the fit even more. This is especially useful after eating that burger at the turn. Speaking of said burger, you may want to practice the ratcheting system a few times before heading to the links. You don’t want to be caught with your pants down, or in this case, with your pants up when they really need to be down.
  6. 20140804-161906-58746261.jpgPossibly my favorite thing about Mission Belt is that it offers a ‘No Crack Guarantee’, which (1) applies to the leather strap, and (2) applies to your crack. Sure, those low-waisted, slim-fitting pants are on-trend, but there is no reason to subject your playing partners to a bad moon rising when you are reading a putt.
  7. The belts are priced at just $40, which is quite reasonable. Go ahead and buy one for your entire foursome and start enjoying crack-free rounds of golf.
  8. mission belt summerBelts in the Summer Collection feature really cool colors and names. If the green Froghair isn’t for you, then check out the vivid orange Fugitive, bright yellow Bolt, navy blue Admiral, black Vader and more.
  9. Mission Belt has a greater purpose than just making you look good. A dollar from every Mission Belt sold goes to fight global hunger and poverty through micro-lending.

For more on Mission Belt, check out the brand’s website at http://www.MissionBelt.com. Follow the brand on Twitter, Facebook Instagram and YouTube.

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