Billy Horschel’s slithery snake pants

Billy Horschel slithered around Royal Liverpool on Friday in a pair of black snake print pants. Officially called Black Serpent Greens Pants, these cotton/spandex blend trousers are part of the recently released Ralph Lauren RLX Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection that is just hitting stores.

Depending on your feeling about these legless creatures, Horschel’s trousers are either incredibly chic or poop-in-your-shorts scary.

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I have to say, there is no way I’d be caught dead in the pants. As an ophidiophobian, the thought of having a snake wrapped around my legs is the thing nightmares are made of. At least if the black serpent pants get the better of my subconscious tonight, I can cower under the covers and watch some early morning coverage from The Open Championship.

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These slithery pants were not the only head-turning piece in Billy Ho’s Open Championship wardrobe. He was scripted (see below) to wear RLX’s the new Shadow Camo Print Airflow polo on Sunday. Unfortunately, a snake-bit Horschel missed the cut, which will keep us from seeing him in the trendiest print this fall.


Horschel has developed a reputation for rockin’ loud trousers at majors that dates back to the famous octopus pants at the 2013 U.S. Open. Ralph Lauren also has a pair of green camofrog pants (see below) in its Autumn/Winter Collection. Do you think we’ll see these on Horschel at the PGA Championship? Survey says…

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