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We’ve all had that feeling. You eat at a new restaurant in town, listen to a new musician or download a new app, and you just know that it is going to be a hit.

That’s the feeling I have about LA-based startup brand Devereux. The last time I had this feeling was about seven years ago with another new Southern California brand called Travis Mathew (you’ve probably heard of it), and we all know how that turned out.

Devereux Golf WindsorIn an age of bright, ‘look-at-me’ colors and ‘in-your-face’ designs, Devereux is a breath of fresh air. Robert Brunner and his brother Will are classing up the fairways by putting a modern spin on old school designs that would make Hogan, Palmer and Player proud. The Brothers Brunner have succeeded in creating a brand that not only exudes style and sophistication but is simple and down to earth.

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Once every few years, I come across a collection where I could easily see myself wearing every piece in the collection. This has been a fairly short list of brands that until now included J.Lindeberg and Travis Mathew, but Devereux’s Spring 2014 Collection has earned a spot on this list thanks to its contemporary styling and on-trend color palette.

This says a lot when you consider that this is Devereux’s debut collection. Young brands often have small misses with introductory collections. Maybe the fit is slightly off, the quality isn’t up to par, the collar isn’t quite right or the comfort could be improved. It’s to be expected. However, Devereux has nailed the fit, style, quality and comfort right out of the box.

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When I talked with Robert Brunner a couple of months ago, he mentioned how much time he spends researching the latest colors and it shows. Many of the hot colors for the season can be found in Devereux’s Spring Collection. The palette is anchored by basic greys, navy blues and white. Bright sea green and coral colors weave their way through the collection to add the perfect amount of pop for the season. Not only are the colors fresh and clean, but they are also very wearable.

Devereux’s aptly named Brunner shirt (see below) should be an essential part of your on and off course wardrobe. A luxurious pima cotton blend provides a soft hand and contemporary details such as a thin, four button placket and short, button down spread style collar. These gives this classic looking polo a modern edge.

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Speaking of edges, the Brunner also features Devereux’s signature pocket design (see above). Take a look at pictures from the 1950s and you’ll see most golfers sporting a polo shirt with a chest pocket. As classic looks have made a return to the fairways, so have chest pockets. The one issue is that they look the same now as they did 60 years ago — square and boring. Devereux, though, has taken this vintage design element, modernized it and made it interesting through the creative use of angles.

Not only is this a very modern take on the pocket, but it also contributes to the understated style. One look at this pocket and you know it is a Devereux shirt. This allows the front of the shirt to remain clean and uncluttered from logos. The only brand logo you’ll find is on the back of the collar. (I really can’t believe I spent this long talking about a pocket, but that’s how cool it is.)

The Brunner and the Lindley shirts are the two solid shirts (the Essentials) in the collection and they are available in various colors. If you are looking for a bit more personality, be sure to check out Devereux’s other styles. The contrasting cuffs, plackets and shoulders on the Matthew and the Oliver provide eye-catching details. The vibrant stripes and contrasting neckband on the Windsor is sure to turn heads, and my favorite, the Welch, does a great job of showcasing the distinctive pocket design.

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In addition to the line of polos, Devereux’s Spring Collection also includes two styles of the sweaters, the Haimes and the Arthur, and both are available in classic navy blue and steel grey colors. The Arthur is a modern throwback and looks like it could have been pulled right off of Hogan’s back during a round at Pebble Beach back in the 50s. The Haimes borrows the contrasting trim details from the line of polos for a rich, up-market feel.

Both styles of sweaters are fabricated from a unique baby alpaca blend. I haven’t seen baby alpaca used in many golf sweaters over the years, but it is a lot like cashmere — warm, lightweight, breathable and great for the links.

Devereux’s polos are respectably priced between $80 and $90. This places them right between the sneaker brands and the high-fashion brands. The sweaters check in at $145, which is on par with what I’d expect to pay for a quality merino wool sweater, but the baby alpaca is a definite upgrade from merino wool.

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Devereux pays a lot of attention to small details, which translates into high quality garments. The brand uses a cut-and-sew fabrication technique. Panels of fabric are sewn together to create stripes, color blocks and other design elements. In an era of quick and cheap screen printing, cut-and-sew has become a lost art that we typically only see from brands with the highest quality and attention to detail.

The buttons on Devereux’s shirts are perfectly spaced on the placket. I know this is a bit of a strange comment, but I think we’ve all been caught between buttons before. You know the feeling. Going one button up and you feel like Urkle. One button lower and you’re looking for some gold chains from the 80s. Not the case with Devereux shirts. Button the bottom two on the four-button plackets or the bottom one on the three button placket and you are ready to roll.

The durability of collars is always a telling sign. It separates quality shirts from the pack. I’ve worn my Brunner shirt and washed it several times and it is as crisp as it was out of the package — another positive for Devereux.

devereux_fallAs excited as I am about the Spring Collection, Devereux’s follow-up collection this fall looks even better. The palette is loaded with seasonal colors — greys, navy blues, maroons and dark greens. Also look for shirts with extended plackets in contrasting colors and piping around the sleeves. Some monochromatic looks will also make their way into the fall collection.

Devereux will also extend its range to include modern straight leg pants this fall. I was able to get a sneak peek at the pants at the PGA Show and they look great. The rear pockets even include Devereux’s signature pocket design. They are fabricated from a 92% polyester 8% blend and will be available in a variety of base colors. Devereux pants will definitely be in my rotation for the fall.

There are also rumors of vests, hats and a blazer for the fall. The blazer is particularly intriguing as it can be paired with a Devereux polo shirt and a pair of jeans or chinos for a day in the office or a night on the town.

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