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It’s that time of year again when everyone has their ‘Best of Lists’ and year-end awards. GolfThreads is clearly not above this sort of thing, so over the next few weeks I’ll be (virtually) handing out the first annual Threadies — GolfThreads annual golf style awards.

First up is the award for the Style Comeback Player of the Year. In this case, though, it may be more apropos to call it a reSERGence rather than a comeback.

(image via
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Put the Tiger controversies aside for a minute and take a look at Sergio Garcia strictly from a style perspective. You’ll see a dramatic change in his fashion choices on the course this year — even from the first half of 2013 to the second half.

Gone are the days of outfits with an overabundance of color, over-the-top designs and overly snug fits.

Instead, in the second half of 2013, we saw Sergio sporting more solids and he turned down the volume of the color palette. More refined colors, like deep blues, black and classic greys have been the basis of his looks recently.

While the biggest style faux pas from Tour players over the last few years has been baggy, poorly tailored clothes, Sergio used to go to the other extreme. He often fell victim to wearing the dreaded ‘smedium’ sized shirts that looked more like compression shirts than golf polos. Recently though, his shoulder seams have hit at (dare I say) the shoulders, sleeves have hit at the biceps and the fit through the body has been slim, but not tight.

20131206-094741.jpgAlthough Sergio gets our award for Style Comeback Player of the Year, I do have a little trepidation with this. El Niño remains an enigma. As soon as I think he’s figured out his putting, his attitude or his fashion sense, he usually gets the yips, begins whining and shows up to the first tee in a monochromatic Tweety Bird outfit (see right).

I also have to question the MO behind Sergio’s sudden makeover. Was this an inevitable maturing of his style, or a more calculated attempt to not stand out as much during controversial times?

Either way, I hope this change is here to stay and I’m not hanging my head in shame in a few months if Sergio goes color crazy again.

Who do you think had the biggest style turn around this year? Let me know in the comments area below.

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