IJP Design Tech Pants: Style & Performance for All Conditions

A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to test the Poulter Tartan Trousers from IJP Design. I was so impressed with the design, fit and quality, I had to explore the IJP Design product line further. Since IJP Design has a “lead with the legs” design philosophy, I wanted to put another pair of their pants to the test.

(The “lead with the legs’ design philosophy means that the pants are the foundation of every collection. Then, design team goes to work on coordinating shirts, sweaters (jumpers), belts and other accessories that work in harmony with the pants.)

IJP_Design_LogoIf you follow this blog, you know that I am a dew sweeper in the truest sense of the word. My first tee shot is in the air as the sun is just cracking the horizon. I also live in Northern California where temperatures, even in the summer, are typically in the 50s when I tee off and can rise 20 to 30 degrees by the time I walk off the 18th green. It’s not unusual for me to start the round in a pair of water-repellent pants and end in a pair of shorts. For these reasons, I decided the Tech Pants from IJP Design would be the logical next step in reviewing the IJP Design product line.

After putting the Tech Pants to the test, I have to say that the folks at IJP Design absolutely nailed it with these pants. I can tell a lot of thought went into the design and no stone was left unturned. Everything from the style to the performance is top-notch. The quality and attention to detail is on par with the Tartan Trousers, but the Tech Pants have a sportier, more athletic look and feel to them. It’s not often that I get to call a piece golf apparel “feature-rich,” but those are the words that pop into my head when I think about these pants.

IJP_Design_Tech_Pants_FeaturesThe 100% polyester mechanical stretch fabric is the key to the performance of these pants. It is breathable, water-repellent and COOLMAX UPF certified to block more than 97% of those evil UV rays. It also provides a nice amount of stretch, which enhances the comfort of the pants. Even though these pants have a slim fit, they move with you whether you are walking down the fairway or crouching to read a putt.

The August morning that I broke out these pants provided the perfect conditions for testing. There was a heavy morning dew and temperatures rose about 20 degrees during the round. Also, the course I played still struggles with the whole irrigation and drainage thing. Even though it hasn’t rained in several months, there were plenty of puddles to splash through.

IJP_Design_Water_RepellentI really tried to get these pants wet and dirty, but they were having none of it (see the water beading in the image above). On the fourth hole, my playing partner’s cotton khakis were soaked from the cuffs up to the calves. He disgustedly commented about how dry my pants looked. I think he was even less enthused when I told him I was testing them and trying to get them wet. I probably could have sold them to him for any price at that point. By the end of the round, I was able to pick up a little dirt around the ankles, but a simple trip to the washing machine took care of that.

IJP_Design_Mesh_PocketsAs the temperature rose throughout the round, the breathability features of the Tech Pants kicked in. Sure, the fabric lived up to its billing, but I really noticed the subtle design features of the front and back pockets. The inside lining of the pockets is constructed of the same (or similar) material as the pants themselves which helps with moisture-wicking. The outside lining is constructed of a high-tech mesh material that enhances breathability (see image above).

The pockets are also perfectly designed for golf. The front and back pockets are deep to allow plenty of room for tees, ball mark repair tools, scorecards and yardage books. A small pocket for a ball marker sits in the slanted openings of the front pockets.

IJP_Design_Adjustable_WaistThe Tech Pants offer a slim fit with a slight taper through the lower leg. The interesting feature from a fit standpoint is the adjustable waistband. I had bad visions of Sansabelt slacks in my head when I read about this on the IJP Design website, but it is actually a great feature and left me wondering why more brands don’t do this. Three snaps on the hip area of the outer waistband (see image above), plus a strip of Velcro on the inner waistband, allow you to adjust the size up or down by a couple of inches. Let’s face it. A little adjustability in the waist is never a bad thing.

Most technical pants these days are wrinkle-free. I’m all for not having to fire up the iron, but over time the creases in the pant legs disappear. The Tech Pants from IJP Design have a nice pin tuck detail (a fancy name for a fold that is sewn in place) on the front leg that creates the look of a well-pressed crease, so the only irons you need to worry about are the ones in your bag.

IJP_Design_Tech_LogoIJP Design currently offers the Tech Pants in four colors: golf ball white; jet black; azure (a brilliant blue); and dark teal. Since we don’t shy away from color here at Golf Threads, I went with the azure. This bright, saturated blue definitely puts the focus on the legs (just as the folks at IJP Design would want it) and it pairs nicely with white, grey and black shirts and belts.

As I mentioned above, the folks at IJP Design nailed it with the Tech Pants. They are highly versatile, perform well and keep you looking your best in a variety of conditions. Expect some fresh colors for Fall when IJP Design’s new Autumn/Winter collection drops. There are even rumblings about a tartan version of the Tech Pants coming soon (see the image below that Ian Poulter posted to Instagram recently), which sounds like the best of both worlds to us.

Ian Poulter Instagram Tech TartanThe Tech Pants from IJP Design retail for about $140 USD (better deals can be had now on colors from the Spring/Summer Collection) and are worn on various professional tours by Ian Poulter (when he is not wearing his signature Poulter Tartans), David Lingmerth, Matthew Baldwin, Gary Boyd, Andreas Harto and Simon Wakefield.

IJP Design is a fun brand to follow in the social media world. They run a lot of creative contests with great prizes (including the #IJPSecretBackNine contest that is going on now), so check out their website, blog and follow them on Twitter (@IJPDesign and @IJPDesignUSA) and Facebook.

Next up for me? I’m off to check out the shirts and sweaters from IJP Design.

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