Poulter Tartan Trousers from IJP Design: Leading with the Legs

A Review of Poulter Tartan Trousers from IJP Design

There comes a time in every golfer’s life when he needs to add a proper pair of golf trousers to his wardrobe. And no, I’m not talking about those khaki’s your wife picked up for you at the local department store. I’m talking about real wool trousers and there is no better place find them than at Ian Poulter’s IJP Design.

20130711-202150.jpgIf you think Ian Poulter is simply a professional golfer putting his name on a brand of clothing for business reasons, think again. His passion for stylish clothing runs deep. As a youth, he merchandised and sold apparel at the Stevenage market to support his clothing habit. Once he turned pro, he passed time on long flights to and from tournaments by sketching outfits he wanted to wear on the course. Fashion is in Poulter’s blood as much as golf is and in 2007 he launched IJP Design.

When you think about Ian Poulter, the first thing that probably pops into your mind is the distinctive tartan trousers–and that is exactly what the folks at IJP Design want you to think. The brand has a ‘lead with the legs’ design philosophy and the tartans are the foundation of every collection. Once, the tartans are selected, the design team goes to work on coordinating shirts, sweaters (jumpers), belts and other accessories that work in harmony with the trousers. All of the Poulter Tartans are licensed under the Scottish Tartan Authority (now that’s serious stuff).

poulter_tartansThe line of tartan trousers in IJP Design’s Spring/Summer 2013 Collection features four unique color palettes–each with their own unique look and personality. The deep blue in the Signature tartan provides a classic look and creates a stunning backdrop for the shocking pink accents. The eye-catching and aggressive Sport tartan infuses a bright azure blue with light grey and black. The Fashion tartan is the epitome of class and elegance with its raspberry and navy tones. Also included in the latest collection is a Special Edition White Watch tartan. The White Watch features a timeless and traditional mix of taupe, grey and pale pink. Each of the tartan patterns is also available in shorts.

Ian Poulter is my wife’s favorite golfer from a sartorial standpoint, so I’ve closely followed the fiery Brit’s wardrobe selections for many years. Naturally I’ve picked up a few pairs of tartan shorts from IJP Design over the years (which have found a home in my summer rotation), but I had never given the trousers a go. That is until I received a pair of the White Watch Tartan trousers for this review.

20130711-202053.jpgWhen I first looked at the White Watch trousers, I knew they were in a league of their own. I had high expectations and they far exceeded those expectations. Even though it was June, I needed to get these on the course.

Just about every brand is doing plaid these days, but the Poulter Tartans are unique for three reasons: elegance, quality and attention to detail.

20130711-202135.jpgMany of the plaids I see on the course these days are loud and garish. However, the Poulter Tartans bring a high level of sophistication to the game. The folks at IJP Design talk about the Poulter stride–a confident, focused and determined walk. This is exactly how I felt strolling down the fairways in the White Watch trousers and it translated into one of my best rounds of the year.

20130711-202203.jpgThe quality and attention to detail on the Poulter Tartan trousers is impeccable. They are constructed from a luxurious 55/45 polyester/wool blend fabric. The internal lining from the waistband through the thighs and double waistband fasteners add an extra level of comfort. The pockets are sleek, deep and roomy–perfect for a scorecard or yardage book. One of my favorite aesthetic features is the small IJP Design metal tag that is attached to one of the front belt loops. It just provides an extra touch of class.

20130711-202120.jpgThe Poulter Tartan trousers are beautifully tailored. I would classify the fit as a modern straight fit–not a skinny, pipe cleaner style, but not baggy and relaxed either. For me, they ran about a half size slim in the waist and true to size in the length. If you are between sizes, I would recommend ordering a size up. They can always be taken in.

I intentionally wore the these on a June morning to see how they performed. Temperatures hovered around 70 throughout the round. I was worried the wool blend fabric would be too warm and the moisture from the grass would soak the areas around the ankles and calves. Throughout the round I was surprised how well the fabric breathed and my legs stayed dry even though the bottom of the trousers were a little dirty.

The Poulter Tartan trousers are machine washable, but it is recommended that you get them dry cleaned. I’m definitely taking the dry cleaning route. It may be more expensive and less convenient, but trousers of this quality deserve extra care.

20130711-202106.jpgI highly recommend the Poulter Tartan trousers from IJP Design, especially if you subscribe to the “Look good. Feel good. Play great.” mantra. If you just can’t get away from those moisture-wicking, water repellant pants, IJP Design offers a range of stylish technical trousers in addition to the tartans. In this video from Golf Channel, IJP Design Brand Director Scott Davis hints at a technical tartan trouser coming in the near future, so stay tuned for those.

IJP Design is a fun brand to follow in the social media world. They run a lot of creative contests with great prizes, so check out their blog and follow them on Twitter (@IJPDesign) and Facebook.

The Poulter Tartan trousers retail for about $160 USD and can be purchased at IJPDesign.com and other golf specialty sites.

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