Identify the Best On-Course Style for Your Game

Do you bomb it off the tee, or do you surgically dismantle the course with precision iron shots? Does a clutch putt result in an emphatic fist pump, or a casual I’ve-been-here-before walk to the hole? Is your closet filled with bright colors and aggressive designs, or do you take a subtle, classic approach? Are you lost in the style game? Do you not know your plackets from your tartans?

IJP Design My Identitee

Well, the folks at IJP Design are ready to hook you up with a style that fits your game and personality through the brand’s latest online quiz and contest called, My IdentiTee. Keep in mind, these are the same people who outfit Tour players Ian Poulter and David Lingmerth, so they know a thing or two about making golfers look good.

mr-whitewatchFinding your look through My IdentiTee is quick, easy and fun. Dare I say, this will be the easiest quiz you ever take. You can probably take it during a commercial break of the next Tour event you watch and not miss a word of Johnny Miller’s head-scratching commentary.

Based on your series of answers, IJP Design will suggest one of twelve distinctive looks that will fit you to a T(ee). Best of all you can enter a contest for a chance to styled by the IJP Design team in your unique IdentiTee outfit and then show it off on the course as part of a winners golf day.

I’ve taken the quiz and I’m happy to say I’m perfectly normal and I’m a “Mr. White Watch” personality. What does that say about me? Well, according to the folks at IJP Design, I like to follow the sun all year round. You’ll find me in Florida or the south of Spain in the winter (um…I wish) and my clothes will match the weather.

Go to to see what you should be rockin’ on the course and then watch the video below to see how your IdentiTee compares to Ian Poulter’s.

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