New Brand Alert: An Interview with RoutineGolfGear

One of the hottest segments of the golf apparel industry right now is off-course apparel–t-shirts, hats, hoodies, etc. that allow golfers to take their passion from the course to the streets. One of the newest brands to take on this segment is RoutineGolfGear.

20130422-140307.jpgI connected with RoutineGolfGear a few months ago in the Twittersphrere and followed them as they prepared for their launch, which took place just a few weeks ago. Of course, I needed to try their gear when it became available, so I picked up one their hats and it has quickly become one of my favorites on and off the course. The small, understated “RGG” logo is simple and clean–a refreshing change from all the billboard-like tour hats. RoutineGolfGear won’t be stopping at hats and t-shirts, though. Expect to see polo shirts for men and women in the very near future.

Recently, I had a chance to speak with the founder of RoutineGolfGear, Mike Grener, about his inspiration for starting the brand and to learn more about what we can expect from the brand in the future.

GolfThreads: For many readers this may be their introduction to RoutineGolfGear. Tell us about the brand.

RoutineGolfGear: RoutineGolfGear is a new up and coming casual wear clothing company. We currently have men’s t-shirts, women’s tank tops, men’s and women’s hats and ball markers, as well.

We are working on expanding our line quickly and getting into on-course gear. Soon we will have polos, as well as golf towels. We call it casual wear because most companies don’t make stuff for off the course and we thought it would be a great idea to be one of the few companies who actually make off-course apparel. We want you to feel comfortable in what you wear on and off the course.

20130422-140222.jpgGT: You have several different styles of t-shirts for men and women on your website right now. Tell us about the various designs.

RGG: The silhouette design was inspired from one of our buddies who the silhouette is actually of. We put on a charity golf tournament last year to raise money for ALS in San Diego and the picture was taken from that day. We really liked it and wanted it to be a simple design to have in our line. The other shirt is just our main logo printed on shirts and tank tops.

The shirts are made from a high-quality material and have a nice feel to them. We do plan on coming out with a new shirt each month. We want to keep people interested in the brand and to see what we will be coming out with each month. We don’t fully like the whole idea of coming out with new stuff every season. Not to say we won’t do that in the future, but right now we like new fresh designs for everyone to be stoked on.

We have a great designer, Herb McNally, who has made a ton of great designs for us and we are stoked to have him on board with us.

GT: Supporting various charities seems to be an important part of your business. How do you work with charities and how can they contact you?

RGG: Supporting charities is a very big part of our company. We put on our first charity golf tournament last year in San Diego and helped raise $10,000 for ALS. It was an awesome day and an awesome experience that we will continue to do every year. For other events we donate items to be raffled off to help raise more money for the event. For local tournaments, we will sponsor a hole and sell our gear on the tee box and a portion raised will be given to the event.

We always love giving back and its a huge part of who we are and what we stand for. We will also be doing different shirts for certain months, like a breast cancer month shirt. Part of the proceeds raised from those shirts will be donated to the charity.

GT: What’s next for RoutineGolfGear?

RGG: Next we will be coming out with polos, golf towels, more shirt designs and new hats. We want to expand our line to give everyone an option to rock multiple items from us.

20130423-125055.jpgGT: Where can everyone get their RoutineGolfGear?

RGG: Right now our stuff is only sold on our website but we will be working on getting our gear sold in stores and pro shops near you. You can follow us on twitter @routinegolfgear or on Facebook.

Final Note
Check out RoutineGolfGear on the web and in the various social media channels. They routinely run contests for free gear and they request opinions on new designs and new products from their followers. Nothing connects you to a brand like having a say in future products.

Also, give their designer, Herb McNally, a follow at @mcTwentyTwo and on the web at He is a talented artist and active in the social media space.

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