Rickie Fowler: On the Leaderboard & in Living Color at the Masters

Did you really think Rickie Fowler would show up at the Masters in black and grey? I think we would be disappointed if that was the case.

Fowler’s Masters apparel script from Puma Golf showcases a variety of bright, bold colors and designs, and of course, the shoes and hats to match.

In addition to firing a -4 par 68 in round one, Fowler was one of the best dressed players on the course. His lime green shirt and 5-pocket pants combo provided a clean look. We’ll see a similar airy look in round two from Fowler with Puma’s take on an ombré argyle patterned shirt, white pants, and lime green belt and Amp Cell Fusion shoes.

Over the weekend Fowler will ditch his signature Monoline hat in favor of the relatively new Cat Patch Snapback hat. We’ll also get another dose of an ombré design from Puma on Saturday with the Ombré Tech polo in a spectrum of vivid colors. It will be paired with blue pants, and a white belt and Amp Cell Fusion shoes. On Sunday, Fowler will wear his signature orange–a solid orange shirt and pants–with the white snapback hat, belt and Amp Cell Fusion shoes.

Here’s hoping Rickie Fowler is in the mix throughout the weekend, but a green jacket with the orange shirt and pants combo could cause some eye damage.


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