Sligo Wear’s Masters Apparel Script for Brian Gay: Modern Augusta

Sligo Wear’s Masters apparel script for Brian Gay may best be described as edgy with a dash of fun and mixed with just the right amount of aggressiveness.

While others brands sometimes lean more towards a traditional look with their Masters scripts, Sligo is staying true to its character with trend-setting styles and a vibrant color palette. Sligo is also breaking from tradition by scripting an entire week of outfits for Brian Gay, rather than just the four tournament days–giving Sligo three additional opportunities to showcase its new Spring 2013 (13A) Collection.

My favorite pre-tournament day script is Monday–the striped Harlow shirt paired with the hyper teal Preston pant and lime Tour belt. The round one script seems to pay homage to Brian Gay’s alma mater, the University of Florida, with the blue and orange Stratford shirt, blue pants and orange belt. The script for Saturday features the green and white Massey shirt, matching green pants and a white belt–a very modern Augusta look. Sunday’s script sets up well for a Masters victory as the grey and white gingham-checked Yorkville shirt, white pants and grey belt would work well with a green jacket.

Check out the complete script below and my recent review of Sligo’s entire Spring 2013 (13A) Collection.


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