G/FORE Golf Glove Review: GO FORE-th in Color

When was the last time you bought a golf glove that wasn’t white (and rain and winter gloves don’t count)? I asked myself that question recently and I couldn’t remember. In fact, the answer is probably “never”. I think I’ve play the same style of glove from the same manufacturer for 10+ years. There isn’t a more mindless purchase for me.

But leave it to fashion designer, Mossimo Giannulli (yes, that Mossimo) and his company G/FORE to complicate (in a good way) my easiest purchase. Thanks to G/FORE and their unique line of golf gloves in 22 eye-catching colors, I actually have to think when buying a glove now.

There is no doubt that the world of golf has been experiencing an explosion of color the last few years with shirts, pants, belts, hats, and shoes. It was a matter of time before boring white gloves received an injection of color and G/FORE has positioned itself at the, um, FORE-front of this trend. It has become THE glove of choice for serious golfers who are also fashion-conscious.

GALLERY WALL 6One look at the G/FORE web site and you’ll see gloves in a spectrum of colors. With brilliant blues, vibrant yellows and oranges, deep purples and hot pinks, G/FORE’s selection of gloves will remind you more of that favorite box of crayons you had as a kid than the rack of golf gloves you are used to seeing in your local pro shop or big box store. And with the Masters quickly approaching, the clover color would be fun conversation starter on the course over the second weekend in April. For those of you who prefer a more subtle approach, G/FORE has black, grey, brown, and yes, even white gloves for you.

gfore spectrumPerformance–More Than Just Great Colors
Now, as a serious golfer, function always wins out over form, and this is where G/FORE really excels. Each glove is precision cut from premium AA cabretta leather. The construction, quality and fit of G/FORE gloves are top shelf. The leather is soft, allowing your hand to meld with the club, but at the same time they are not fragile. They are quite durable and stand up to the rigors of multiple rounds on the course. They are even worn by Tour players Ricky Barnes and Robert Rock.

Something for Everyone
G/FORE offers three different lines of gloves–the Collection, Limited Luxe, and the Rocky Collection. The Collection features 22 vibrant, solid-colored gloves. The dual-toned Limited Luxe line features a single color on the back of the hand and the fingers with a contrasting color on the thumb and the velcro closure. The Rocky Collection is perfect for those of you who are not quite ready to jump into the color pool with both feet. The all-white gloves in the Rocky Collection were inspired by Tour player Robert Rock, a member of my best dressed list, and include contrast stitching and a colored patch on the velcro closure. G/FORE also offers a custom branding program that is perfect for your school team, country club or corporate event.

gfore rockyA Preview of Things to Come
G/FORE is not stopping at just gloves. The brand will be moving into the footwear category with the launch of the Gallivanter shoe in the fall of this year. Different from other spikeless golf shoes on the market, the Gallivanter isn’t the athletic-looking, zero drop shoe we’ve come to expect.These shoes can easily be worn with jeans and chinos, as well as on the course. They will be available in six trendy colorways and feature contrasting soles and waxed laces. These will be a must-try for fall. Check out the video below from GolfWRX for a preview of the Gallivanter.

Get Some Glove Love
If you are ready to add more color to your game, you can purchase G/FORE gloves through the brand’s website and at TrendyGolf and TrendyGolf USA. The brand is also active in social media, so follow them on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

You can also score 18 free G/FORE gloves plus $500 to spend at TrendyGolf through this contest. Check it out. Good luck, and add a little color to your game.


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