New Brand Spotlight: Fury Athletix

After 15 years of attending PGA Merchandise Shows, you’d think that I would have seen it all,
and, most times, I think the same. But, then, thankfully, something really cool catches my
attention – something that I haven’t seen before, and it deserves proper calling out.

Enter Fury Athletix, the Texas-based company out to craft a better hat for athletes, by athletes.
Let’s start from the beginning – founder, Jeff Medici, began his postgraduate career as an
Intelligence Officer in the United States Air Force with various assignments including at The
Pentagon. After serving, he had management stints at the world’s largest accounting and
investment firms.

In 2012, Jeff left corporate America and founded his own company – Medici Development
Partners, LLC, a commercial real estate development and investment company focused on the
office, hospitality and medical office industries.

So what does this all have to do with starting a hat manufacturing company? Well, Medici is
also an avid athlete. In fact, he was a walk-on recruit for the Clemson golf team and has always
known that sports would be an important aspect of his life.

Enter Act II – The Passion Project. In his own words, Jeff explains, “As I researched the
marketplace it became evident to me there was a need for ultra-high quality athletic headwear.
There were plenty of athletic wear companies that happened to offer hats, but no athletic
headwear company focusing on hats specifically that offered great style and high performance.
My goal was to develop that hat and have it serve as a recognizable badge that unites

Exactly how are Fury Athletix hats different? First off, X marks the top of each hat making it
instantly identifiable that you are wearing a Fury hat. Cult Marketing 101 at its finest. Since all
the hats are customizable with front logos, (minimum quantities apply), the X can also be
designed to stand out or blend in. The lightweight performance fabric of the hats is water
resistant, and the sweatband is moisture-wicking so it reduces those annoying sweat stains,
plus it is anti-microbial. Every part of the hat-making process has been perfected from the fit to
the fasteners. Running, golfing, workouts, tennis – there’s a hat to address the physical
challenges of each sport plus more.

But, here’s my love-at-first-sight moment – the perforations on the Tee-It-Up hat are shaped
like golf balls on tees, and the Ace has mini tennis racquet perfs. I know! It’s such a small detail,
but it’s so unique and one I believe is going to create a ‘fury’ in the sports headwear space.

Take a look at the entire product line and see if you agree.

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