This Week in Golf Fashion: Sony Open

Buckle up, we’ve got a lot to cover in order to get you all caught up on the PGA Tour hot-stove action and Sony Open style-standouts. In fact, my head is spinning…

Sony Switcheroo’s

Keith Mitchell (Sid Mashburn & FootJoy)

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Let’s just say that Keith Mitchell got our attention with the classic, old school vibe from Sid Mashburn. This look is the antithesis of his previous apparel sponsor, Nike: cuffed trousers with a tabbed waistband, sandwiched between a Tour visor and the FootJoy Premiere golf shoes, oh my! I reached out to my contact at FJ and was told Mitchell does not have an agreement with them. He chose to wear these on his own. The ultimate endorsement. These shoes are a must own!

Russell Henley (Dunning Golf & FootJoy)

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Another former Nike guy, Russell Henley moved on and is now wearing Dunning Golf and FootJoy Tour X. We like this move for Henley. He’s got great style potential and Greg is convinced that the team at Dunning will make him one to watch.

Emiliano Grillo (Puma Golf)

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Emiliano Grillo gave us a good idea of how the Hawaiian-inspired Puma Daybreak Collection looks on a sub-240 lb. human. Nice timing for Grillo to switch to Puma. Their new MATTR line of polos looks to take performance polos to another dimension. Yikes.

Kevin Tway (Puma Golf)

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Speaking of the new Puma MATTR collection, Kevin Tway gives us a peek at the MATTR Fine Stripe Polo. Here is some golf fashion irony; last year Tway wore a wolf logo on his apparel. Did you know a wolf is considered a sub species of the canis lupus (aka dogs)? Now he wears a puma. That’s right, puma is a type of cat. (Insert your own pun–my work here is done).

Chase Seiffert (William Murray Golf & Callaway Footwear)

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I assume Chase Seiffert is a jolly fellow who likes to have himself a good time because he partnered with the most light-hearted apparel brand in the game, William Murray Golf. In fact, during times like these, wouldn’t a little levity help us all?

J.J. Spaun (Galvin Green & FootJoy)

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If you read us regularly, it’s quite obvious how we feel about our friends at Galvin Green. So, when we see someone switch to GG gear, let’s just say….we get it. Nice move, JJ, nice move, indeed. I noticed that Spaun continues to wear Melin headwear. I have never worn their hats but a buddy of mine swears by them. I will have to check Melin out in 2021 and report back.

Matthew NeSmith (Vineyard Vines & Adidas)

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Whale, whale, whale, what have we got here? Matthew NeSmith has joined Andrew Landry as the new members of team Vineyard Vines. Something tells me that VV might blow us away this year….

Brice Garnett (Holderness & Bourne)

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The final switcheroo that I noticed at Waialae Country Club was Brice Garnett looking dapper in Holderness & Bourne and an exotic skin belt.

Sony Style-Standouts

Billy Horschel (Ralph Lauren Golf & FootJoy)

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If I am going to talk Sony “style-standouts,” I’d say Billy-Ho is a good guy to lead us off. Those FootJoy Premiere Tarlow shoes with the navy cap-toe are unquestionably winners. Sunday’s kit might be a bit more polarizing, however. I am all in on the belt and pant combination.

Brian Gay (G/FORE)

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Welp, this G/FORE polo just made my 2021 wish-list! A little known tidbit; Brian Gay is one of my biggest fashion inspirations.

Jamie Lovemark (TrendyGolf)

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I actually lobbied (unsuccessfully) to have Jamie Lovemark included in the Threadies. Maybe next year, Jamie. Oddly, I have an affinity for pineapple-themed polo shirts. My favorite is from Bonobos and a few summers ago a guy next to me at the bar spilled a glass of red wine on it. I still wear that polo but it may be time to add this new one from Bonobos to my collection.

Erik van Rooyen (Greyson Clothiers & Ecco)

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Since Billy-Ho led us off, it seems appropriate to have Erik van Rooyen be the anchor leg of This Week in Golf Fashion. The Greyson Clothiers Wolf Toile Polo is otherworldly.


    1. Luca, I don’t have an issue with short socks and pants, in fact, I prefer no-show socks with some of my slacks. I appreciate your opinion and comments. Thanks for reading!

    1. Hey Jim! Wasn’t Mitchell a refreshing look? If you look closely at Billy’s belt it is a multi-colored weaved with a matching salmon thread to match his trousers. I was sure you’d love it.

      1. Welp, i totally missed that Mike. I zoomed in and yes, you are correct it does have a salmon weave and yes i do love it. Thats why you write and i comment. You are good

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