U.S. Ryder Cup Uniforms Week

U.S. Ryder Cup Uniforms: United We Stand

A day-by-day look at the U.S. Ryder Cup uniforms

Iconic American fashion house Ralph Lauren will once again outfit the United States Ryder Cup Team for the 42nd playing of the biannual competition at Le Golf National in Paris, France. The range of outfits designed for the Yanks is as patriotic as it is stylish. A distinctive red, white, and blue color palette is presented in an array of stripes, patterns, and color-blocked designs.

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Once again unity and patriotism are overarching themes for the U.S. Team’s uniforms. Ralph Lauren printed “United We Stand” on the interior waistbands of the players’ pants and inside the collars of their shirts. Americana-inspired details subtly weave their way through the collection in the forms of debossed stars, American flags, and the letters “USA” printed in an ultra-modern font.

U.S. Ryder Cup Uniforms Feature
Match Day Uniforms

Dressing a team of 12 players, captains, and assistant captains is not as easy as it seems. Different body types, styles, and personal preferences can lead to challenges. While guys like Justin Thomas will undoubtedly have their tailoring on point, even the fashionable folks at Ralph Lauren won’t be able to save Patrick Reed if he insists on wearing a shirt that is two sizes too big. Making fans happy is even more challenging, especially in the day of social media. That being said, the Americans’ script is likely to appeal to a wide range of style tastes and preferences. Whether you favor classic styles, preppy looks, or sporty kits, there really is something for everyone in the Americans’ script.

So, what will the U.S. team be wearing every day? Here’s a day-by-day breakdown of the U.S. kits.

Practice Day 1

U.S. Ryder Cup Uniforms Tuesday
Practice Day 1

Shirt: White with Navy Stripe Lightweight Technical Pique Polo
Trouser: French Navy Golf Pant

GolfThreads’ Take: The bold chest stripe and technical pique fabric make for a sporty start to the week for the Americans. The hits of red on the chest stripe and collar add a pop of personality to this look. The navy blue pants nicely balance the outfit from top to bottom.

Practice Day 2

U.S. Ryder Cup Uniforms Wednesday
Practice Day 2

Shirt: Navy Lightweight Engineered Airflow Jersey Polo
Trouser: White Golf Pant

GolfThreads’ Take: The wide engineered stripes across the sleeves and chest create a broad and powerful look. They are also reminiscent of those thick rugby stripes from back in the day. Nothing says iconic American fashion like some rugby stripes, right? Check out the contrast stitching in the buttons and around the inside of the top buttonhole. Subtle details like these and the stars forming the tipping on the collar elevate the look of this polo.

Practice Day 3

U.S. Ryder Cup Uniforms Thursday
Practice Day 3

Shirt: Navy Engineered Lightweight Airflow Jersey Polo
Trouser: French Navy Golf Pant

GolfThreads’ Take: If you like engineered stripes as much as I do, then this is a ‘must-have’ polo. Again, Ralph Lauren uses red as an accent color to bring a level of intrigue and interest to this kit. The tipped collar brings a vintage attitude to the look and syncs well with the thin stripes on the torso. The navy blue pants are a smart companion to the polo and create a smooth look from top to bottom. I expect someone like Dustin Johnson to wear this well.

Match Day 1

U.S. Ryder Cup Uniforms Friday
Match Day 1

Shirt: Navy and White Lightweight Engineered Airflow Jersey Polo
Trouser: White Golf Pant

GolfThreads’ Take: Chants of “Olé, Olé, Olé” will ring out as members of the U.S. Team stroll to the first tee in this kit. I have to admit, though, it isn’t one of my favorites for the week. The classic white stripes on a navy blue background feel a bit soft and uninspiring to me. That being said, working “USA” into the tipping on the collar is a cool design element and the red inner placket adds some life to the shirt.

Match Day 2

U.S. Ryder Cup Uniforms Saturday
Match Day 2

Shirt: White with Navy Collar Lightweight Technical Pique Polo
Trouser: Navy Pinstripe Golf Pant

GolfThreads’ Take: This is the Americans’ most sophisticated ensemble of the week. The pinstripe trousers possess a Wall Street vibe and give off an air of American prosperity. Pinstripes have become a common thread with the U.S. Team’s uniforms over the last few Ryder Cups. These are right up Phil Mickelson’s alley. Let’s just hope he doesn’t opt for his typical drapey fit.

Match Day 3

U.S. Ryder Cup Uniforms Sunday
Match Day 3

Shirt: Navy Debossed Star and Stripe Jersey Polo
Trouser: White Golf Pant

GolfThreads’ Take: It will all come down to the singles matches. The Americans will look to leave France with the Ryder Cup trophy in hand while wearing their best kit of the week. Ralph Lauren uses subtle details to add a tasteful touch of patriotism. At a distance, this shirt wears like a solid. Up close, though, rows of small debossed stars form wide horizontal stripes and give the polo a luxurious sheen.

Layering Pieces

Sure, the U.S. Team will look sharp in their polos and trousers, but the standout pieces in the collection are the layers. Early autumn in Paris means cooler temps. This will give players the opportunity to showcase the style and technical performance of Ralph Lauren’s layers.

The brand has created a plethora of options. Lightweight pullovers, packable jackets, and wool blend sweaters will be perfect for warmer conditions. Heavier insulated jackets, fleece vests, and Merino wool sweaters will take the bite out of chilly early morning matches.

Three of my favorites from the range of layering pieces are the Camo Brushed Back Technical Jersey Pullover, Cool Wool Jacket, and Crewneck Sweater.

Camo continues to have a moment on the fairways and the Camo Pullover finds itself on trend. For an added touch, the camo pattern is actually based on the layout of Le Golf National. I expect this to be a favorite for guys like Rickie Fowler, Brooks Koepka, and Tony Finau.

The Cool Wool Jacket has been a mainstay in Ralph Lauren’s golf collections over the past few years. The insulated front packs in the warmth while the stretchy sleeves and back allow for a full range of motion.

For those preferring a sweater, the wool blend Crewneck, with bold stripes across the chest and down the sleeves, is a sporty and sophisticated choice. Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas will wear this well.

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In addition to the uniforms, Ralph Lauren is also outfitting the U.S. Team in tailored clothing for the Opening Ceremony and Welcome Dinner.


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