The Print Story for 2018

Floral, abstract, whimsical, animal or artistic – print fabrics offer endless design possibilities using shapes, themes and colors.

Designer Mark Jacobs is quoted as saying, “Clothing is a form of self-expression – there are hints about who you are in what you wear.” Wearing prints can be the ultimate form of personality reveal.

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Here’s a handful of the inspirational prints we’ll see this fall in golf fashion.

Lija ‘Water Camo’

Lija presents ‘Water Camo’ for its updated version of the camo print trend.

Galvin Green ‘E-Illusion’


Galvin Green makes a geometric statement with the E-Illusion jacket.

Chase54 ‘Alternate Bliss’


Chase54 ‘Alternate Bliss’ is a soft and airy abstract floral.

Original Penguin ‘Pete on the Beach’


Original Penguin injects some whimsy with ‘Pete (the penguin) on the Beach.’

Ralph Lauren ‘Monterey’


Ralph Lauren Golf pays homage to beautiful Carmel-area courses in the ‘Monterey’ print.

Garb ‘Zinnia Floral’


Garb Inc offers an all over zinnia floral pattern for girls.

G/FORE ‘Abstract Rosebud’


G/FORE gets romantic with the ‘Abstract Rosebud’ print.

Devereux ‘Monstera Leaf’


Devereux takes its floral tropical with the ‘Monstera Leaf’ button down.

J.Lindeberg Camo


J.Lindeberg gives its camo a moody blues effect.

Ping Apparel ‘Flourish’


Ping ‘Flourish’ pattern combines the solid colors in its fall collection.

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  1. I love the J. Lindberg, Pete on the beach and Rosebud polos. Fantastic writeup, these prints are really cool pieces for 2018

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