Galvin Green’s DNA: Seriously Stylish Technical Outerwear

Galvin Green knows a thing or two about keeping warm while outdoors in variable weather conditions. Based in Vaxjo, Sweden, where winter temperatures dip down to -4 degrees Celsius, or 25 degrees Fahrenheit, the brand’s headquarters makes an ideal testing ground for performance outerwear.

galvin green insula
Insula technology

The company continues to evolve its layering system concept with the latest addition of Insula Lite, introduced for the Autumn/Winter 2017 season. If you aren’t familiar with Insula Lite performance fabric, here’s the 411:

The fabric incorporates built-in air chambers warmed by body heat, while also allowing excess heat and moisture to escape. This creates long-lasting insulation and air flow to maintain ideal body temperature.

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We gleaned a bit more information from the Galvin Green designers who are responsible for turning high-tech fabrics like Insula Lite into stylish pieces of golf apparel.

  • Ladies’ designer, Antonia Brandstrom, used a color wheel as inspiration for pairing all colors in the A/W 2017 offering.

Explain the ‘rethinking color’ concept from the Part II collection and how the colors work together.

Brandstrom: The collection is designed so that it can easily adapt to fit different markets and customers. For those who love color, Natalia in wild orchid with Mandy in nectarine and Akita in moonlight blue is a great combination.

If you prefer tonal colors, then wear Nina in moonlight blue with Dakota in dusty blue. A more classic customer can wear black or navy with one more solid color such as white or heather on the color wheel.

Since all colors match with each other, it’s easy to pick the combinations that suit your style.

What is your favorite piece or pieces from Part II women’s collection and why?

Brandstrom: Daisa (above) is a garment with unbelievable diversity. I would wear it on a cold, dry autumn day with a Galvin Green Skintight garment underneath. On a rainy day, I would use it underneath a Gore-Tex jacket. The mix between padding details and Insula makes it warming but still flexible for the golf swing. It’s a perfect layering piece.

galvin green bruce
Bruce Jacket in Gore Windstopper with Primaloft Gold Padding
  • We are fairly certain lead designer Mats Lundqvist eats, breathes and sleeps technical fabrics.

What separates Insula from other jackets and materials?

Lundqvist: The fabric in our Insula garments is knitted and designed to hold a lot of air inside to add warmth. Most golfers don’t like bulky garments – we developed Insula to be soft, supple and stretchy.

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With the introduction of Insula Lite, are there plans to expand the Insula collection further?

Lundqvist: For now, we feel that the addition of Insula Lite is enough to cover most golfer’s needs, but maybe future technology will allow for more expansion.

What is your most popular or top-selling Insula jacket?

Lundqvist: This year our half-zip Dash (above) has been very popular.

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