I’m not sure what happened to Golf Digest’s weekly style recap of the Tours. It was always a fun read, but it has appeared on the Golf Digest site as many times as Tiger’s name has appeared on a leaderboard this year.

Did they put it on hiatus? Did they abandon it?

Either way, I’m happy to pick up the slack. Besides, between the stops in Scottsdale and Dubai, there is plenty to talk about on the fashion front this week. We’re talkin’ hoodies, shorts, shades, and more. Check it out, and check back every week for the latest recap.

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Tony Finau (Nike Golf)
I’ve been talking about hoodies becoming a thing on the course since J.Lindeberg did a hooded rain jacket a couple of years ago. Thanks to Tony Finau and Nike for not making me look like a liar. This is a super fresh look that brings a hip streetwear attitude to the course. The diagonal blocked letters offer up a cool retro vibe, too.

Tiger Woods (Nike Golf)
Then again, not all retro looks work. Take Tiger’s latest fashion folly. These baggy, below the knee shorts are a throwback to the 90s, but not in a good way.

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Sergio Garcia (Adidas Golf)
Sergio gets our “Trying To Do Too Much Award” this week for a shirt with an embossed diamond pattern, horizontal stripes, AND a watercolor print. Oh, and there is a wide stripe down the spine, too. Any one of these would be fine, but all of them together makes for a busy look. Less is more, Sergio.

Sergio Garcia (Adidas Golf)
Redemption! This is more like it. Clean and simple. The sweater is an absolute winner with the tonal color blocking and stripes on the sleeves. Plus, the collar on the polo shirt adds a nice pop of color.

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Ryo Ishikawa (Callaway Golf)
Ryo is back and he is doing Ryo sort of things, again. I have no idea what to call that print on his pants. Is it a road map? While a good rule of thumb is to never pair a pattern with another pattern, the embossed print on the shirt wears like a solid, making it totally acceptable. If matching your belt to your shoes is fashion 101, then Ryo is giving us graduate level stuff here.

George Coetzee (FootJoy)
Most of us don’t have to deal with Shamal winds and sand storms, but just in case you find yourself in the middle of a haboob one day, take a page out of George Coetzee’s book. Grab some shades and a snood or a bandana. Then, make your playing partners insist on calling you Jesse James when you steal that $10 nassau from them.

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Jeunghun Wang (Applerind)
Jeunghun Wang may not be a household name, yet, but he should be on your style radar. He consistently nails all the details. His shirts and pants are well tailored, the FootJoy Shield Tip brogues are always a smart option, and the minimal logos on his hat provide a clean look. He even managed to match his socks to his pants, which seems difficult for some Tour players.

Rickie Fowler (Puma Golf)
Rickie always knows how to play to the crowd. What better way to pay tribute to the over-served fans and the bottomless margaritas that were flowing at TPC Scottsdale than a pair of lime green kicks. Salt! Salt! Salt!

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Graham DeLaet (Puma Golf)
Here is a great example of how a golf shirt should fit in 2017–trim, but not tight through the body, and narrow sleeves that hit halfway between your shoulder and elbow.

Michael Phelps (Under Armour & Ray-Ban)
Wrap-around sunglasses may be functional, but they lack style and they are impractical in off-course settings. To up your style game, grab a pair of aviators, like Michael Phelps. This classic design plays as well on the course as it does on the pool deck.


  1. Great feature. Thank you for addressing the wrap around sunglasses! We all need to move on from that look.

    The Good: Sergio’s sweater is fantastic! The bad: Tiger’s shorts are horrendous!

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