Callaway Golf Apparel Brings the X Factor

There is no doubt that Danny Willett has become a GolfThreads’ favorite. His simple, well-tailored looks are examples of everything that is right about golf fashion today. He has proven that the keys to standing out from the crowd do not lie in day-glow colors and in-your-face patterns. Instead, Willett has been using modest designs and razor-sharp fits to turn heads for all the right reasons.

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Clearly, Willett’s victory at this year’s Masters made others stand up and take notice of not only his game, but also his style. Since he donned that Green Jacket at Augusta the second Sunday in April, the question that I’ve been asked most frequently is, “What apparel does Danny Willett wear?”

The answer is Callaway Apparel’s X Range.

Fit Is King
There is a lot to like about Callaway’s X Range. In fact, it has become one of my go-to brands this year. The feel is luxurious, the styles are modern, the details are on point, and the color stories are fun and energetic.

With all that said, any conversation about the X Range begins with the fit. I’ve said it many times, the way clothes fit is the most important part of looking good on the course, and you’ll be hard pressed to find better fitting polos, pants, and shorts than the ones in the X Range.

Loyal readers know that I’m an American who prefers a European fit, and that is exactly what this range delivers. The polos possess a trim cut through the body and a length that can easily be worn tucked in on the course or untucked off of it. Plus, the high, narrow armholes coupled with the slender sleeves that hit perfectly in the middle of the biceps provide a crisp and modern look. The X Range polos are among the best fitting golf shirts I have ever worn.

Callaway Apparel X Range Piped Polo in Bright White and Corded Trouser in Swedish Blue (Image via Callaway Apparel and Perry Ellis International)

The pants and shorts are equally as well tailored. Both have a slim, but not tight fit. Even though they create a very clean silhouette below the waist, they don’t require a spatula to slip them on, nor do you need to suck in your stomach for 18 holes. The pants have a nice modern taper through the lower leg that begs to be hemmed with a short break at the top of the shoe. Speaking of length, the shorts are cut perfectly and fall just above the knee for a distinguished look.

That’s Not Cotton?
The Jersey Contrast Collar Polo is one that you’ve seen Danny Willett sporting quite a bit lately and it has become one of my favorites this season, too. This solid colored polo is easy for any guy to wear. The contrasting color blocked design elevates the entire look of the shirt, while still maintaining a minimalistic vibe.

Jersey Contrast Collar Polos (Image via Callaway Apparel and Perry Ellis International)

As much as I like the design of the Jersey Contrast Collar Polo, it is the fabric that keeps me reaching for this shirt time after time. If you’ve been unhappy with the abundance of polyester golf shirts that feel and smell unnatural, listen up.

The tag on the Jersey Contrast Collar Polo may say 97% polyester and 3% spandex, but you’ll swear it is cotton. Not only does it feel as soft as cotton, but it looks like cotton, too. This means that it effortlessly transitions to off-course settings, so your mates or significant other won’t look at you sideways when you hit the pub or café after your round in your polyester golf uniform.

Jersey Contrast Collar Polo in Laurel Wreath for Autumn/Winter 2016 (Image via Callaway Apparel and Perry Ellis International)

Feel is the next frontier for technical fabrics and Callaway is already ahead of the curve. There are plenty of high-performance fabrics that are lightweight, stretchy, and moisture-wicking, but most still feel and look like workout clothes. The soft hand and natural feel are what really separates the fabric on the Jersey Contrast Polo from others in the golf apparel world.

Bold Cotton Stripe Polos (Image via Callaway Apparel and Perry Ellis International)

Rounding out the collection of polos in Callaway’s X Range is a mix of classic, modern and athletic designs. The rugby detailing on the shoulder of the Cotton Polo fuses contemporary good looks with a sporty feel, while the Cotton Bold Stripe Polo offers an amped up version of preppy stripes. If you are looking to gear up for summer’s heat and humidity, then the Solid Stretch Polo is a go-to piece. The clean looks are as simple as its name, and the fabric is as light and airy as any that you’ll find in your pro shop.

Solid Stretch Polos (Image via Callaway Apparel and Perry Ellis International)

Smart Colors for the Season
Using bright colors has proven to be a tricky proposition for golf fashion brands. While many have opted for retina-piercing day-glow colors, Callaway has hit all the right notes with its palette of energetic hues. Traditional blacks, grays and navy blues create a sophisticated backdrop for brighter blues, oranges, pinks, greens, and yellows to shine.

Three of my favorite colors from Callaway are Confetti, Swedish Blue, and Emberglow. While pink isn’t the first color most guys grab, this Confetti Pink is difficult to resist. It is an absolute attention grabber in the pro shop and it pairs perfectly with navy or white shorts. The Swedish Blue is an easy way to add a pop of color to any look, and the fact that it is available in shorts and pants allows you to make a bold statement below the waist. Sure, Rickie Fowler may own the traffic cone orange, but Callaway’s Emberglow is a deeper, more saturated, and unassuming hue. This is a very wearable orange and one that will not draw snickers and ‘Rickie-wanna-be’ comments from your playing partners.

Autumn/Winter 2016
Looking ahead to Fall, there is no shortage of well-tailored looks, functional layers and rich colors for the season from Callaway. A new Laurel Wreath Green (dark sage) color is a smart choice for autumn that pairs perfectly with navy blue. Look for it on the Jersey Contrast Polo and a sporty new diagonal color block design. The new Puffer 2.0 Vest and Jacket pack in the warmth, while maintaining range of motion, and the brand’s Italian Merino Sweaters (Jumpers) help to create a simple and sophisticated look on and off the course.

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