Devereux’s 72 Collection: Sunny Side Up

Devereux continues to blur the lines between resort wear and golf apparel, as its new 72 Collection provides golfers and jet-setters, alike, with the ability to look sharp and confident at all times. Its clean lines, timeless good looks and modern attitude are tailor made for the fashion conscious man who knows that simple and sophisticated trumps loud and obnoxious any day. In fact, if Mad Men’s Don Draper hopped in a time machine and landed in 2016, he would likely step out wearing a Devereux polo, while holding an old fashioned in one hand and a golf bag slung over the other shoulder.

Devereux’s creative director, Robert Brunner, has always had a knack of pulling inspiration from luxurious travel destinations. In recent collections, Brunner captured the high-fashion flair of Paris, the peaceful waves of the Mediterranean, and the vibrant mood of mid-20th Century nights in Miami. For SS’16, he turned his attention to the Southern California coast. Picturesque Santa Barbara, with its beautiful beaches, tranquil scenery, and posh resorts served as the muse for Brunner’s latest release. The 72 Collection, appropriately named after the area’s idyllic temperatures, captures the essence of the SoCal town’s sunny skies and fun-loving lifestyle.

The 72 Collection is the latest stylish chapter in Devereux’s ‘Proper Threads’ story. It features a range of modern polos with high-fashion details, the label’s first foray into performance shorts, a go-anywhere technical vest, and a wrinkle-free travel blazer. An energetic color palette sees bursts of aqua and coral set against a rich navy blue and steel grey. These colors are not only fresh and clean for the season, but they are also very wearable.

Devereux’s 72 Collection is just hitting stores now, so in an effort to help you get outfitted in style for your upcoming Spring golf trip, here’s the scoop on a few of GolfThread’s favorite pieces from the line.

Andrew Polo
Of all the pieces in Devereux’s 72 Collection, the Andrew Polo epitomizes what the label is all about. Wherever the day takes you, the Andrew never finds itself out of place. From the course to the café to the poolside bar, it provides a cool and effortless look that says, “I care about how I look, but I didn’t spend hours in front of the mirror.”

The Andrew Polo in aqua

The Andrew bridges the gap between classic and contemporary. The two-button placket is as timeless as that old fashioned that Don Draper is sipping, while the spread collar and heather fabric are straight off the trendiest fashion runways. Subtle details are what separate Devereux’s polos from others, and the grosgrain ribbon placket serves as the x factor on the Andrew. It adds an air of sophistication, while maintaining a simple, understated look that is at the heart of Devereux’s DNA.

A modern, yet generous cut allows for an effortless range of motion on the course, and it is hemmed to the perfect length, allowing it to be tucked in, or untucked for a more casual look on the street. The oxford performance knit offers the perfect balance between a soft, natural feel and the performance needed to take on warm spring and summer days. This is one cool and versatile shirt that can easily be paired with dark denim, technical shorts or well-tailored twill pants.

The Andrew is available in four colorways – aqua, coral, navy and steel grey.

Cole Polo
Robert Brunner has been carefully searching for PGA Tour players to wear his threads for a couple of years, and he finally found the perfect match in Danny Lee. Lee has always had a keen sense of style, making his signing with Devereux earlier this year a match made in sartorial heaven. He also has mad game, which has allowed him and Devereux’s proper threads to take up residence on leaderboards this year. Round after round, Lee has been turning heads with clean and modern looks – none better than the combo of Devereux’s navy Cole Polo and white Prescott trousers that he sported during the final round of the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

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The Cole is another stand out polo in Devereux’s 72 Collection. Like the Andrew, the Cole fuses classic and contemporary styles through a skinny, four-button placket and a white spread collar. Again, Devereux’s quality shines through thanks to small, but differentiating details. While bold chest stripes are nothing new to the fairways, the Cole features an abstract, two-toned stripe that is bold, and at the same time, refined.

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The Cole uses a cut-and-sew fabrication technique that sees panels of fabric sewn together to create the stripe. At a time when many brands are favoring cheap screen-printed stripes and patterns, it is refreshing to see Devereux going the extra mile with this cut-and-sew design. When you look for subtle differences that separate Devereux from others, this is one of them.

The Cole Polo in steel/coral/white

The fabric on the Cole is built for performance. The luxurious pima cotton blend is a touch lighter than the oxford performance knit found on the Andrew, making it a go-to choice for hot, humid conditions.

Look for the Cole in four colorways – navy/aqua/white, white/aqua/steel, steel/coral/white and white/navy/coral. Good luck choosing just one from that list. They are all on point.

Martin Short
Devereux’s Prescott Pant was one of GolfThreads’ Spring Favorites last year, and the Martin Short is easily a favorite for Spring 2016. As with Devereux’s polos, subtle details are what separates the Martin from other shorts, and it all starts with the tailoring. The same principles that we’ve been preaching about well-tailored pants, apply to shorts, too. Gone are the days of baggy shorts that cover the knee. Instead, they should be hemmed above the knee with a clean fit through the thigh. No, we’re not talking about the length of gym shorts from the 70s, either. The good news is, with the Martin Short, you don’t have to worry about any of that. It is hemmed to the perfect length.

Signature pocket detail on the Martin Short
Signature pocket detail on the Martin Short

One of the best design details on the Martin Short is a cool print on the interior lining of the front pockets. Granted, you will be the only one to see this, but it does give the short and up-market vibe.

In addition to the printed pocket lining, the Martin pulls in one of Devereux’s signature designs — the curvy pocket flap. Robert Brunner originally developed this as a subtle branding element and a way to turn the boring chest pocket on a polo into a more fashionable component. As Devereux’s product line has expanded, Brunner has carried the pocket design over to the Prescott Pant and now to the Martin Short. Also carried over from the Prescott, is the double-button closure for a more formal aesthetic.

Pocket lining on the Devereux Martin Short
Pocket lining on the Devereux Martin Short

As stylish as the Martin is, the performance and comfort characteristics of this short shouldn’t be overlooked. The contour waistband allows it to sit perfectly on the hips, while the four-way stretch fabric moves with you throughout the day.

The Martin Short is available in versatile colors, like white, steel grey, navy blue and sand, plus my personal favorite, the colorful aqua.

Phillip Blazer & Montgomery Vest
Other additions to Devereux’s product line for SS’16 include two modern layering pieces – the Phillip Blazer and the Montgomery Vest.

The Phillip Blazer and Andrew Polo

The Phillip Blazer is touted as an essential travel companion and it is easy to see why. The wrinkle-free wool/poly blend can survive a transcontinental trip in the overhead bin without looking like a crumpled mess upon arrival, and the built-in passport pocket makes organizing travel documents a breeze. Yes, this is one low maintenance jacket, which also makes it perfect for storing in your locker at the country club. You’ll never be at a loss when heading to the club dining room, a night on the town, or a business meeting after a round.

The Montgomery Vest

Technical vests have been a strong trend on the fairways, but few are as sophisticated as Devereux’s Montgomery Vest. Luxurious details, like horn buttons and intricate stitching on the hem allow the Montgomery to transition between on or off course settings with ease. The poly/spandex blend offers just the right amount of stretch and its water repellency makes it a go-to choice for light spring showers.

Look for Devereux’s 72 Collection in clubs, retail stores and e-commerce sites this spring and summer.
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