GolfThreads’ very first post was our list of 5 Best Dressed Golfers of 2012. Two years and 175 posts later we are ready to close out another year by presenting Threadies to the best-dressed golfers of 2014.

Keep in mind the Threadies are virtual awards so there are no trophies or boring monologues. We also spare you from having to listen to never-ending acceptance speeches where players thank their mothers for knitting their very first golf sweaters; their older brothers for the blinged-out, hand-me-down belts; their agents for hooking them up with the fly-est brands in the game; their caddies for keeping them primped and proper through rain, wind and sun; and their stylists for scripting them down to the color of their shoelaces.

However, if any of the players on this list want to stop by GolfThreads headquarters for a photo op, we’ll certainly buy them a trophy, roll out the red carpet and ask them who they are wearing.

volume11-thumbSure, this is the time of the year for top 10 lists, but at GolfThreads, we will not be outdone. Other lists may go to 10, but in the infamous words of Nigel Tufnel in Spinal Tap, ours goes to 11.

So without further adieu, the winners of the Threadies for the Best Dressed Golfers of 2014 go to…

11. Rickie Fowler (Apparel & Shoes: Puma Golf)
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No matter what Rickie Fowler wears, he usually creates a stir. Some love it. Others hate it. However, few could find fault with his unexpected tribute to Payne Stewart at the U.S. Open complete with Stewart’s signature plus-twos.

This was by far our favorite look of the year as it provided another example of how Rickie Fowler ‘gets it’. Rickie is one of the ultra-modern sartorialists in the game, but this gave us a rare look into his appreciation of the history of the game. Yes, there is substance to go along with the flashiness that Fowler brings to fairways. In an era where the biggest buzz phrase in golf is ‘growing the game’, Fowler’s style has resonated with the younger demographic and brought tons of juniors into the game.

2014 will go down as the year Rickie’s game and style matured. In the second half of the year, we saw more refined looks with less aggressive patterns and more sophisticated color palettes from him. Through this transition though, he still managed to bring a fun, youthful and modern vibe to the course — and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

10. Tyrrell Hatton
(Apparel: J.Lindeberg Golf; Shoes: FootJoy)
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Every year, it is important to bring you at least one player on this list who may not be on your radar, especially to golf fans in the U.S. Two years ago we gave you Robert Rock. Last year it was Tyrone Van Aswegen. This year we introduce you to Tyrrell “Hatless” Hatton.

If you’ve tuned into the European Tour, you’ve probably seen Hatton strolling the fairways sans hat. Call it jealousy, but at GolfThreads we applaud players, like Hatton (and Robert Rock, for that matter) who are follicly gifted enough to hit the links without a lid and not risk having a well-done melon by the 18th green.

Couple his lack of headwear with his trendy J.Lindeberg threads, and the 23-year old Hatton brings an exceptionally clean and modern look to the course. He is not bashful about using bold colors and eye-catching stripes, but he always balances them well against neutrals and solids to keep everything in check. Not to mention, the fit of his apparel is always on-point. If you are looking to dial up your look in 2015 with some modern looks and fits, Tyrrell Hatton is the guy to watch.

9. Adam Scott (Apparel: Uniqlo; Shoes: FootJoy)

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If there is a best dressed list in the game of golf, you can bet Adam Scott’s name has a place on it. Scott topped our best dressed list last year, but he has tumbled to the number nine spot in 2014. Complacency? We’ll have none of it here at GolfThreads.

While the Aussie remains one of the best clothes hangers in the game, his style has become a bit predictable. We can’t find many faults with Scott’s looks in 2014, but we decided to reward risk-takers this year and Scott didn’t take many. Solid color shirts and solid color pants left us wanting more imagination from him.

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All that being said, Adam Scott’s looks remained effortless and on-point with classic button-down collars, well-tailored shirts and trousers, and simple canvas belts. Monochromatic looks are trending again in the game of golf and few do them better than Scott. In fact, one of our favorite looks of the year is the monochrome kit that he sported at the Barclays. The tonal color-blocked polo offered just enough contrast to add another dimension to the ensemble. We just wish we had seen more of this from Scott in 2014.

8. Luke Donald (Apparel: RLX Ralph Lauren; Shoes: FootJoy)

We are running out of things to say about Luke Donald’s style. You won’t find a more consistent dresser in the game of golf. Has the dude ever shown up on the first tee in some jacked up threads? Heck no and we don’t see it happening anytime soon.

Donald brings the perfect blend of modern, classic, preppy and athletic looks to the course, and he also keeps us guessing. Just when we think he has settled in with some traditional color palettes, he mixes in a pair of orange, green or bright blue pants for a fresh vibe. If you are looking to steal a look from Luke Donald, check out how he layers outerwear, whether it’s a vibrant polo under a crisp sweater or a technical vest layered over coordinating shirt.

As Donald’s RLX apparel evolves with the latest fashion trends, one thing remains a constant. We can always count on him completing his look with some killer FootJoy Icon shield tips in a variety of custom colors and patterns. While many players are opting for more athletic shoes, Donald remains a refreshing throwback in the shoe department that brings us back to the Golden Era of golf.

7. Camilo Villegas (Apparel: J.Lindeberg; Shoes: Adidas Golf)

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Welcome back, Camilo. Where have you been?

It is difficult to believe that this is the third year we have put together a best-dressed list and Camilo Villegas is just making his first appearance. After being somewhat allergic to leaderboards for a couple of years, Camilo made a strong comeback in 2014 by capturing the Wyndham Championship, and along the way he reminded us why he has been one of the biggest fashion trendsetters in the game.

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Early in his career, Villegas led the fashion revolution on the fairways with high-octane colors, daring patterns and slimmer silhouettes. But, as these colors and designs became mainstream, he switched it up and started favoring more classic color palettes and refined styles. I even referred to him as a modern day version of Gary Player in one of my PGA Tour Style Insider columns, which is not far fetched when you think about his dedication to fitness and monochromatic kits.

One of the things we appreciated about his win at the Wyndham Championship is that we saw Camilo return to some bolder colors that energized his look and game. Here’s hoping we continue to see Villegas push the envelope of golf fashion for years to come.

6. Morgan Hoffman (Apparel: RLX Ralph Lauren; Shoes: FootJoy)

Morgan Hoffman checks in as the highest ranking newcomer on the list. The rookie first grabbed our attention at Torrey Pines in January thanks to the OSU-Cowboy-orange accents on his belt and shoes. Then in May we declared him one to watch after seeing his black and lilac lizard print FootJoy wingtips at the HP Byron Nelson Championship.

Hoffman is part of the new breed of PGA Tour players who have grown up during the renaissance of golf fashion. In 2014, he took risks and pushed the boundaries of his sartorial comfort zone with skull-printed pants, camo-printed polos and eye-catching accessories. Through it all, Hoffman kept his kits well balanced, sporty and sophisticated.

5. Henrik Stenson (Apparel: Hugo Boss; Shoes: FootJoy)

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Do yourself a favor. Bring a picture of Henrik Stenson to your tailor because he remains the best example of how golf apparel should fit today.

Stenson’s pants are perfectly tailored to just brush the tops of his shoes. No excess material bunches around his ankles. His shirts are trim through the body, but not tight, and the shoulder seams and sleeves hit exactly where you want them.

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As a brand ambassador for Hugo Boss, one of the leading fashion brands in the game, Stenson always shows up on the first tee in the freshest threads. The geometric print shirts that he sported in 2014 put him on-trend as many of the designs from the 80s returned to the fairways with contemporary fits and details.

4. Ian Poulter (Apparel: IJP Design; Shoes: FootJoy)

Ian Poulter is still the most colorful player in the game. He has created a signature look that is unique, and most importantly, he rocks it with confidence.

Poulter’s year started on a sartorial high and continued to get better. Early in the year he sported pieces from IJP Design’s Resort Collection that featured a seasonal palette of crisps yellows, blues and greens. Poults wrapped up the year in his brand’s aptly named Pop Collection. This 80s revamp was filled with angular patterns, deconstructed argyles pops of rad purples and teals. Modern takes on archived looks from the 80s were a big trend on and off the course in 2014, and Poulter, as always, was one of the trendsetters.

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Poulter worked his way up our list thanks to a footwear change late in year that saw him lace up FootJoy’s classic-looking Icons after a few years in Puma’s sporty kicks. Nothing against Puma, but FJ’s Icons are a better fit for Poult’s style.

3. Graeme McDowell (Apparel: G-MAC by Kartel; Shoes: ECCO Golf)

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Graeme McDowell finds himself in GolfThreads’ top five for the third consecutive year. In a PGA Tour Style Insider column I wrote earlier this year, I referred to G-Mac as a modern day Walter Hagan. His classic-looking wool blend trousers, button-down collar shirts, cardigan sweaters and timeless shoes offer an elegance and sophistication that is straight out of the 30s and 40s.

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In 2014, McDowell continued to put modern twists on vintage looks with the addition of basket-weave-print polos and colored belts, and pops of vibrant blues and magentas. G-Mac once again proved that you don’t have to be loud to be eye catching. Subtle details, balanced colors and well-tailored pieces are the keys to his sartorial success.

2. Billy Horschel (Apparel: RLX Ralph Lauren; Shoes: FootJoy)

Billy Horschel isn’t bashful about breaking out some crazy pants for big tournaments. It started with those octopus-print pants at the 2013 U.S. Open. This trend continued in 2014 with snake-print pants at the Open Championship, frog-print camo pants at the PGA Championship and the ten million dollar madras pants at the Tour Championship.

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As much attention as Billy Horschel gets for his crazy trousers, it is his day in and day out sartorial selections that have earned him the number two spot on our best-dressed list. The key to Horschel’s success is that he knows when to say when. Sure he takes risks and pushes the fashion envelope, but he never goes off the rails on the crazy train. Plus, his bold, fashion-forward kits are a perfect match for his confident personality and aggressive game.

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Horschel also knows how to accessorize his looks. Colored, non-leather belts have been trending in the world of golf and BillyHo can frequently be seen popping some color around his waistline with RLX’s webbed straps. Then, to tie it all together, he rocks those bespoke brogues from FootJoy in coordinating colors.

1. Ryo Ishikawa (Apparel & Shoes: Callaway)

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Ryo Ishikawa is the most creative dresser in the game of golf. He takes more risks and has a larger comfort zone than any other player. He is the biggest trendsetter on Tour as he is usually the first player to successfully take the latest styles from the runways and bring them to the fairways.

Ryo has the unique ability to mix and match patterns in one outfit. This highly advanced technique was once considered a fashion bogey, but now it is reserved for the most advanced sartorialists — and Ryo fits that description to a tee. Ishikawa was also the first player to revive prints with a collection of dazzling polka dots, colorful microflorals and trendy Hawaiian prints. Another one of our favorite kits from Ryo included these tonal plaid pants paired with a red belt and white shirt at the Open Championship.

Sure Ryo has had a couple of style shanks this year, but when you are at the forefront of trends and push the envelope as much as Ryo does, you’ll have a few misses along the way. His contributions to golf style, however, far outweigh any off days. We are looking forward to seeing what new trends he will set in 2015.


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