Bubba’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Cargos & Shirt

This part of the golf season used to be called the Silly Season as Tour pros jumped on their PJs and jetted around the world playing ‘hit and giggle golf’ for stacks of unofficial, guaranteed cash. With the PGA Tour’s new wrap-around schedule and prestigious events in Asia and Australia, much of the silliness has been taken out of professional golf in November and December.

Apparently, Bubba Watson didn’t get the memo, though, as he sported this get-up complete with cargos, a huge logo’ed belt buckle and a wild print shirt. I would chalk this up to Bubba being Bubba, but unfortunately I don’t think this is some goofy joke.

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The Cargos
There is so much to say about Bubba’s look, it is hard to find a starting place, but the cargos are the obvious choice.

I’m far from a traditionalist, but cargo pants don’t have a place in professional golf, or even in menswear for that matter.  Apparently, Isleworth has a different dress code than other clubs, as the sartorially challenged Tiger Woods was known to rock some cargos on the course when he lived there. Bubba bought Tiger’s former residence at Isleworth, and on first glance I thought maybe Tiger left these behind in a closet. However, the bold Oakley branding above the left cargo pocket killed that theory. (BTW, this logo draws even more attention to ‘cargo-ness’ of the pants.)

Also, Bubba’s cargos are slimmer than anything we’ve seen from Tiger over the years, and this is really the only positive characteristic of these pants. While I’m at, they are also too wide in the lower leg and too long as shown by the material bunching around Bubba’s ankles.

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The Oversized Belt
‘Thin to win’ is a popular saying among my playing partners. Not only does it apply to ball striking, but it is also a good strategy when it comes to belts these days. Nothing says 2008 like a saucer-sized logo belt. Props to brands like J.Lindeberg that updated its iconic Slater belt with a smaller buckle and thinner strap (more on that here). Get with the times, Bubba.

The Printed Polo
Oakley uses the tag line, ‘Disruptive by Design’, but the only thing this shirt is disrupting is my eyesight. There is no doubt that prints are in, but if this is where we are headed, then I’d like to get off the bus at the next stop. I’m not even sure how to describe this print. Is it a camo? A tropical print? A jungle motif? A deconstructed palm frown print?

Earlier in the day, Bubba posted this image to Instagram, which is much cleaner. It appears that both looks were part of an Oakley photo shoot for its 2015 collections.

Image via Bubba Watson's Instagram account (@bubbawatson)
Image via Bubba Watson’s Instagram account (@bubbawatson)

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