J.Lindeberg Slater Belt: The Evolution of an Icon

The J.Lindeberg Slater has to be the most iconic belt in the game of golf.

Prior to the mid-aughts (mid-2000s), belts were basically an afterthought in the golf fashion world. They were either black or brown leather with a traditional prong-style buckle. If you walked into a golf shop, maybe you would find a small rack of rather boring looking belts.

New J.Lindeberg Slater 40 2.0 in dark grey brushed leather (left) and webbed stripe (right).

When J.Lindeberg’s Slater hit the scene, it changed the belt game. The buckle, with J.Lindeberg’s signature ‘JL bridge’ logo, was big, bold, brash and unlike anything the game had seen.

The Slater with the white strap even brought white belts back to the fairways and revived retro styles from 30 years earlier.

Suddenly, belts became the hottest accessory in golf, and players’ waistlines became the focal point of outfits.

Many of the best-dressed players in the world rocked the Slater, whether they were J.Lindeberg brand ambassadors, or not. Unfortunately, this was one trend that didn’t last. Other apparel brands got wise to the game. Nearly every brand released a saucer-sized logo belt, but none were as elegant and on-point as J.Lindeberg’s Slater.

Original J.Lindeberg Slater belt (center) with large buckle and wide strap. New Slater 40 2.0 belts (left and right) with smaller buckle and thinner strap.
Original J.Lindeberg Slater belt (center) with large buckle and wide strap. New Slater 40 2.0 belts (left and right) with smaller buckle and thinner strap.

I had a couple of Slaters — one black, one white. I wore one or the other for nearly every round for several years. Over the past few years, though, I moved away from the Slater in favor of thinner belts with more understated buckles, but now I’m back on board with the Slater, and in a BIG WAY.

Why the change? Well, J.Lindeberg has updated the Slater’s iconic design and launched the aptly named, Slater 40 2.0. This new generation features a smaller buckle (reduced from 55 mm to 40 mm) and a strap that is .25” thinner than its predecessor.

The svelte buckle has a new look, too. The unmistakable ‘JL bridge’ logo is covered in a color-coordinating enamel paint, which creates a softer, more understated look. (Look for some versions of the 2015 Slater to even trade the chrome buckle frame for a fashionable rose gold finish.)

The straps on the new Slaters also feature new materials.

The brushed leather model in JL’s dark grey color has been my go-to belt this fall for a couple of reasons. First, the napped finish offers a great look and texture for fall. Second, matching the color of a belt to a pair of pants has been a trendy look this year. This blending technique creates an exceptionally clean and seamless look, and best of all, it minimizes the waistline (most of us can appreciate that). I’ve been wearing JL’s dark grey Gusten and Elof pants quite a bit lately, so the dark grey Slater has been a perfect match.

Image via TrendygolfUSA.com

Webbed belts have been trending on the fairways over the last couple of years. I tend to favor them in warmer months as they offer a lighter look and feel than leather. That being said, the webbed Slaters that J.Lindeberg has in its AW/14 collection are too good to pass up right now. Of course, JL has put its own unique twist on the webbed belt by adding leather details to the strap at the buckle and at the fastening holes. I love this! Not only does it add an element of style, but it also increases the durability.

Check out JL’s new Slaters this fall. Whether you prefer the brushed leather or webbed version, they are available in a variety that coordinate with JL’s fall color stories.

The best place to get pick up a J.Lindeberg Slater belt this fall is at Trendygolf.


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