Fall Favorite: J.Lindeberg Golf Gusten Pant

It is not often that I use superlatives here at GolfThreads. Identifying the best shoes, shirts, jacket, pants, etc. is difficult these days. Unlike 10 or 15 years ago when only a few golf brands really ‘got it,’ there are more and more brands that are producing stylish threads with great fabrics.

While identifying ‘the best’ is next to impossible, I certainly have my favorites or my go-to pieces that I wear regularly on the course. For that reason, I’ve decided to create a new series for the season called, Fall Favorites. This will hopefully give you a glimpse into what I’m wearing regularly on the course. I would love to hear what you think about my picks in this series. Drop a note in the comments area below. Also, let me know some of your favorites that I should check out.

J.Lindeberg Golf Gusten Pant
There is no better place to kick off my Fall Favorites than with J.Lindeberg Golf’s Gusten pant. If you are a regular GolfThreads reader, the fact that a J.Lindeberg pant is on my list of favorites probably isn’t a huge surprise. I’ve been wearing various styles of J.Lindeberg technical pants for 10 years. I’ve worn everything from the Troon to the Troyan to the Trenton. This year, I was introduced to the Gusten and the Elof (another great pant that I will write about in the future).

Jetted front and rear pockets.

The Gusten is flat out my favorite pant for the season. I’m favoring pieces that produce very clean, well-tailored aesthetics, and the Gusten is a perfect match with my personal style these days.

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J.Lindeberg classifies the Gusten as a narrow fit pant, which is the brand’s slimmest fit. It possesses a very modern silhouette that is slim through the thighs with a slight taper through the lower leg. Don’t let the narrow fit description scare you, though. We are not talking about an ultra skinny pant that takes your voice up an octave and requires a spatula to put them on and take them off. The Gusten fits true to size. I sized up on my first pair thinking that I might want a bit more room and ended up having my tailor take them in. I went with my normal size on the second pair and they fit perfectly.

Tailored with a short break. Paired with G/FORE socks.
Tailored with a short break. Paired with G/FORE socks.

Speaking of tailoring, the Gusten begs to be tailored with a short break (see above). I find that the combination of the narrow leg opening and a full break leads to material bunching around the ankles. Get the legs hemmed so that they just brush the tops of your shoes and slip on a pair of cool socks from G/FORE because you will be showing some ankle when you are reading a putt.

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The key to the slim fit of the Gusten pant is the fabric. For years, J.Lindeberg used micro twill, which was a great water resistant, breathable fabric in its own right. This year the brand rolled out a new micro stretch fabric that took the performance, comfort and fit of its pants to a new level. This new fabric is composed of a water resistant, bi-mechanical stretch material with an 89% polyester and 11% elastane blend. The micro stretch fabric is even lighter than the micro twill, and the touch of elastane provides great range of movement, while delivering a slim fit. The v-notched waistband also adds to the comfort and playability.

J.Lindeberg Gusten
Tuxedo tape detail.

From a style standpoint, the Gusten pant is totally on-point. The tuxedo tape on the side seams really separates the Gusten from other technical pants. This unique design element is not only eye catching, but also adds an air of sophistication. The jetted front and rear pockets are sharp, and the ribbon around the internal waistband is pure class.

Ribbon detail around inner waistband.

From the well-tailored fit to the high performance micro stretch fabric and high fashion styling, the Gusten is a complete technical pant for the season. It is easy to see why the Gusten pant is one of my Fall Favorites, and apparently I’m not the only one who thinks so.

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J.Lindeberg brand ambassadors, Camilo Villegas, Jamie Donaldson and David Lingmerth, have been sporting the Gusten this fall. Villegas has typically favored the straight-legged Troon and Troyan trousers over the years, but he sported the narrower Gusten at the Deutsche Bank Championship during the FedEx Cup Playoffs. Donaldson opted for the Gusten at the Wales Open the week before the Ryder Cup. David Lingmerth wore a vibrant blue pair at the Wyndham Championship.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

If you are looking to pick up a pair of Gustens, Trendygolf and Fairway Styles have the Gusten in stock. Trendygolf also did a great post in the Magazine section of its website earlier this year on the various fits of J.Lindeberg pants. It is a great reference. Check it out.

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