Heads Up: Dunning Golf Introduces Hoodies

I’m seeing more and more golf apparel brands expanding their product lines by venturing into fitness apparel. The latest being Dunning Golf as the brand recently launched hooded sweatshirts in pullover and full zip models.


I find it ironic that one of the biggest trends in golf apparel isn’t actually golf apparel, but think about it. The game of golf is in the midst of a fitness revolution. Dumbbell curls in the gym have replaced pint curls at the 19th hole. Tour players are fitter than ever and this is one trend that is having a positive trickle down effect on amateurs.

1742Additionally, the lines between golf and fitness apparel have become blurred as high performance, moisture-wicking fabrics have found a home on the fairways. Why wouldn’t a golfer opt for a brand in the gym that they are already comfortable with on the course?


It is not surprising at all to see Dunning Golf stretching (pun intended) into off-course fitness apparel. Remember, cycling and triathlon gear is in the brand’s DNA and its tag line is, ‘Engineered for Athletes. Designed for Players.’ (Notice ‘Athletes’ comes before ‘Players.’)

As you start planning your fall on- and off-course wardrobe, I would put these hoodies from Dunning golf on your must-try list.


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