Aloha, Ryuji Imada

Just after publishing the post about Ryo Ishikawa sporting Hawaiian print shirts, I flipped through some images from the John Deere Classic. What did I see? Ryuji Imada rockin’ a very similar shirt during the first round of the Deere.

Yup, we have a full-fledged trend now, folks! Just wait five years and Tiger will be on board.

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Imada’s shirt, like Ishikawa’s, doesn’t have that loud, flowery print that typically comes to mind when we think about tropical prints. Instead, it is understated, but also complex. You really can’t see the details of the print until you are up close.

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Like Ryo, I’m not surprised to see Ryuji being an early adopter of this trend. Imada has always been one of the more creative sartorialists in the game. Unfortunately, he’s taken a bit of a sabbatical from leaderboards over the past few years, so his originality hasn’t received much camera time.

What I am surprised about is that he is still wearing Cutter & Buck. Really? Ryuji’s shirts don’t look or fit like any C&B shirts I’ve ever tried on. I’m assuming there is a little extra nip and tuck going on here, or this is a bespoke collection just for him. Kudos to C&B, though, for partnering with a player who will make its threads look good, and props to Ryuji for taking the brand’s shirts to a high level.

Now that we’re fired up about Hawaiian prints, the bad news is I have no idea where to find Ryo’s or Ryuji’s shirts. Stay tuned…

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