Bobby Jones Apparel: Elegance Redefined

There may not be a more iconic name or image in the game of golf than Bobby Jones. Just mention Mr. Jones’ name and undoubtedly an image of a well dressed man in a wool sport coat, shirt, tie and knickers will pop into your mind. Jones brought an unmatched level of style and grace to the course that extended beyond his game and included his gentlemanly threads.

120330010915-masters-golf-17-horizontal-galleryBut what would Bobby Jones wear if he played on the PGA Tour today?

Well, the folks at the Bobby Jones apparel are answering that question with the same style and grace that Jones brought to the course nearly a century ago.

It is hard to believe that Bobby Jones apparel has been in the marketplace for 25 years, but the brand is celebrating its silver anniversary this year. Over the years, the world of golf apparel has become more high tech and athletic and the Bobby Jones brand that I remember from two and half decades ago evolved, as well.

The new Bobby Jones is about performance and comfort while maintaining the luxurious feel and elegant look that is in the brand’s DNA.

Iconic Bobby Jones logo on the placket.

A great example of this is the brand’s XH20 fabric (shown above) that it uses in its performance polos. The XH20 polos provide all the qualities you would expect in high tech golf shirts, but they also offer the silky touch and sophisticated styling (think classic knit collars, open sleeves, three-button plackets) that brings me back to those original Bobby Jones polos. I also appreciate that the pieces remain logo-free — with the exception of the iconic, embroidered image of Mr. Jones on the placket. The lack of logos enhances the clean, sophisticated aesthetic of the apparel.

Call me an apparel geek, but one of the first things I always check out on a shirt is the buttons. They say a lot about the quality and attention to detail in the shirt, and the Bobby Jones XH20 polos have some cool buttons. Not only does the electroplating finish on the buttons grab the color of the fabric, but they are also shaped like the dimples in a golf ball. Subtle sophistication.

2014-05-14 18.56.19
Hagan Jac Polo.

In addition to its performance line, Bobby Jones also offers an extensive line of cotton polos, pants and shorts.

If you were to buy only one Bobby Jones polo this season, make it the Hagen Jac Polo (shown above). The jacquard design is classic Bobby Jones while incorporating modern touches like a contemporary fit and sleeves that hit mid-bicep. This is a shirt that can be dressed up or dressed down — on or off the course. It looks great with a pair of shorts, chinos, slacks or under a sport coat. Every time I wear this shirt I get compliments on the color, the design and the fit. Trifecta!

2014-07-08 12.30.47
Watson Stripe Polo and Stretch Cotton Flat Front Shorts.

If you are a fan of stripes, the Watson Stripe Polo (shown above) should be on your radar. It is one of the softest polos I’ve ever worn. What makes it so soft? I recently interviewed Sonia Cozzi, VP/Creative Director at Jones Global Sports and asked her this exact question for a Style Insider piece on Here is what she had to say:

“The near perfect conditions along the northern coastal valley of Peru produce superior cotton. The feel of the cotton is light and silky. In addition to being superbly comfortable, it resists wrinkling and launders beautifully. We use the finest yarn, only selecting the extra long staple to knit this exclusive Bobby Jones fabric.”

This light and silky cotton is also present in the brand’s shorts and pants. Since they are cotton, they easily transition from the course to the office to summer barbeques and out on the town.

2014-07-08 12.33.26
GD Stretch Plain Front Pants.

There is a lot to like about the GD Stretch Plain Front pants. The flat front, straight leg design offers a contemporary silhouette without the ultra-slim fit. In other words, you’ll feel like the best dressed guy on the course without needing the assistance of a spatula to get the your pants on.

Bright colored chinos are in right now and the GD Stretch Flat Front pants are available in trendy green, red and light blue. I’ve been wearing the light blue color and the compliments are never ending.

2014-07-08 12.27.01
Mesh lining in pants and shorts.

Although the GD Stretch Flat Front pants can go anywhere and do anything, it is clear that they are built for the fairways. The combination of the straight leg design and a touch of stretch in the fabric gives you the freedom to rip drives, while the mesh lining in the front pockets is a well thought out performance feature.

The Stretch Cotton Flat Front shorts offer the same performance and comfort characteristics as the GD Flat Front Stretch pants — just in a shorter, well-tailored version that hit just above the knee. The shorts are also available in a wide range of colors — name a color and Bobby Jones has a pair of shorts for you.

2014-05-14 18.55.45
A perfect match.

Since technical fabrics have taken over the game, I’ve been skeptical of wearing cotton shorts in hot, humid conditions. I recently wore the Bobby Jones Stretch Cotton Flat Front shorts for a round at TPC Sawgrass where the temperature was pushing the mid-90s and the humidity wasn’t far behind. The performance of the stretch cotton fabric exceeded my expectations. In fact, they have been my go-to shorts this summer.

As with all cotton clothing, you’ll need to hit them with an iron — the one with steam instead of the one with a “7” on the bottom. That is really the only drawback to the Bobby Jones cotton pieces, but a small price to pay for some comfortable and elegant threads.

Bobby Jones also just released its 2014 Summer Collection a couple of weeks ago that features a variety of classic pieces in a red, white and blue palette that is perfect for summer. Many of the spring styles are now on sale, too. If you haven’t tried Bobby Jones apparel, this is a great time to check it out. If Bobby Jones apparel has found a home in your wardrobe, now is the time to stock up.

For more on Bobby Jones, head over to the brand’s website, follow them on Twitter (@RTJ1930), Instagram (@bobbyjonesgolf) and Facebook.

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