Travis Mathew Launches Early Spring Collection; Unveils 2013 Team

2013 Early Spring Collection
I wasn’t planning to start another post with a hip-hop reference, but when I saw the Travis Mathew Early Spring Collection, a line by Lil’ Wayne from the song “Swagga Like Us” popped in my mind.

“And my jewels, blue and yellow / The type of [stuff] that make them call me Carmelo”

There Lil’ Wayne is comparing the colors of his diamonds with the Denver Nuggets’ uniform colors (Carmelo Antony’s former team). Here we’re talking about the accent colors in the latest collection from Travis Mathew. As with past collections, black, white, and gray are the backdrop for the collection, with vivid blues and yellows intertwined in the form of bold stripes and bright solids.

In addition to the new on-course apparel, there is a wealth of new lifestyle items (t-shirts, shoes and even a plaid blazer). If you haven’t tried a Travis Mathew t-shirt, I encourage you to pick one up. I have three in heavy rotation, and they are some of the most comfortable t-shirts I have worn–soft with just a touch of stretch.

I could easily see the Brando polo, Missed the Cut t-shirt, Extinguisher shorts, Hahn Solo hat, and Pauly Slip-On shoes making their way into my closet.

To get a taste of the Early Spring Collection, check out the video below from Travis Mathew. I have to say, as a marketing professional I admire the way Travis Mathew utilizes multimedia and social media to promote its products and players. It also does a great job maintaining a consistent brand image throughout its various campaigns.

2013 Travis Mathew Team

Lil’ Wayne may have popped in my head when seeing the Early Spring Collection from Travis Mathew, but ESPN’s NFL draft guru Mel Kiper is who I thought of when I saw the Travis Mathew team for 2013. Kiper often uses the phase “tremendous upside” when talking about drafted players, and that is the best way to describe the 2013 Travis Mathew team.

Two-time PGA Tour winner Charley Hoffman and John Mallinger are the veterans. Hoffman, a San Diego native with long blond surfer hair, is the perfect fit for the SoCal brand, and Mallinger has been with TM since the beginning.

The rest of the team consists of a bunch of young guns led by 2012 Viking Classic champion Chris Kirk. Joining Kirk are 2012 Tour grads Luke List, Andres Gonzales, James Hahn, Peter Tomasulo, and Kyle Thompson, as well as former #1 ranked amateur Patrick Cantlay and long drive champ Jamie Sadlowski, who may be best known for destroying the Golf Channel simulator.

Gonzales may be the most intriguing new addition. Dubbed “Half Man, Half Amazing”, Gonzales brings a unique personality and look to the tour. With long hair and a fu manchu mustache he looks like he’d be more likely to appear in an episode of Orange County Choppers than on the PGA Tour–not to mention, he is a great follow on Twitter.

Travis Mathew has assembled a stable of players ready to break through (remember, Bubba Watson was a raw, unproven talent when he joined Travis Mathew a few years ago). I see a couple wins from this group in 2013 and James Hahn is my pick for rookie of the year.

Check out the video below on the 2013 Travis Mathew team.

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